If you feel like you aren’t getting the returns that you could from your email marketing campaign, then you’re in the right place! There is much more to email marketing than many people think, so we are here to help simplify it slightly with 4 top tips to get you started. 

Focus On Emails Converting Abandoned Carts

The first thing that you can do to improve your email marketing campaign is to focus on converting your abandoned carts. This should help you to improve your conversion rate significantly! Spend some time and effort sending reminder emails to customers who have abandoned their cart, perhaps even offering enticing deals like free shipping or 10% off if they order that day. Abandoned carts don’t have to be abandoned forever, and sometimes a simple email is enough to turn it around into a sale! 

Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

The majority of users are now on mobile, especially if you have an ecommerce based website, so making sure that your email marketing campaigns are mobile friendly is essential. There are a few simple things that you can do to make sure this happens, starting with being conscious of keeping your subject line short and snappy. You need something really grabbing to encourage them to click, using a joke or a call to action to distinguish your email from the hundreds of others that are likely to be in people’s inboxes. You don’t want it to end up trailing off and the customer not gaining all the information they need, so keep it short and sweet. 

The same goes for the actual content. If a user is having to scroll and scroll and scroll to access the information they need, they are likely to be bored and will click off. So, at the very top of the content, make sure you include something really enticing that will get the person to your website. This might be a discount code, priority access to a new collection or free shipping. If they want to read the rest of the content, they can, but they don’t have to to be able to find the good information! 

Incorporate Your Branding

The next tip to improve your email marketing is to incorporate your branding in all of your emails. There are so many different ways to do this, such as adding your logo, customising colours, using consistent fonts, adding photos or creating a branded template to use. Whilst all of this would be effective, if you have more of a budget on-hand, it would definitely be worth working with a branding agency Manchester or London based, so you can have the best talent in the country work with you to make sure that you get your email marketing branding right first time. If your email is instantly recognisable as your brand, then it could trigger a sense of trust for the user that could encourage them to click through to the website! 

Once you have a branded template, it will be so much easier to continue to create them in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Many people argue that email marketing is becoming obsolete, but that certainly isn’t the case in our opinion. It is cost effective, you’re targeting an already engaged audience, you can drive revenue, it’s easy to get started and you can reach a global audience. If you aren’t already doing email marketing, now is your chance to get started! The world of marketing is getting more and more competitive by the day, so you should be utilising as many effective platforms for your business as possible.