Most consumers get those calls, emails, pieces of regular mail and more.

Yes, sales pitches can seem like they are never going to end at times. That said some consumers get to a point where they want to throw their hands up in the air and give up.

So, if you are getting an inordinate amount of pitches, what steps are at your disposal to limit or even end them?

Are Sales Pitches Driving You Nuts?

Do You Know who is Contacting You?

One of the problems in getting the sales pitches to wind down is not knowing who some of them come from.

So, if you are getting a lot of them over the phone, have you thought about doing a reverse lookup of a phone number?

Such a lookup can move you closer to discovering who it is keeps reaching out to you.

Sure, one effort to reach you is not going to bother you. When it becomes one after another, you get to a point where you say enough is enough.

If you are able to talk to a human being on the other end of the line if being called, let them know you want the calls to end. For some calls, they are robocalls and thus you can’t speak to anyone.

It is also important to remember that some sales calls are in fact scams.

While you may think you are giving to a charity or getting info on a product or service of interest to you, it is in fact a scam. Before you know it, you may end up pledging money to something that in fact does not exist.

Your best bet is to always keep your guard up. Doing so lessens the chances you will get taken for a ride.

Careful in Giving Out Your Personal Info

While you may get legitimate calls in helping others out or trying to get yourself out of debt, have your guard up.

One of the ways to better protect yourself is by being careful who gets your personal info in the first place.

Among the ways to go about this:

  • Careful when filling out information that offers up some of your personal details. This can be when filling out cards, paperwork or other such items in person or online.
  • Careful when talking to people you meet. An example would be at a networking event where companies have sales booths and tables. If you do not want to increase the odds of being contacted, don’t fill out paperwork or give your info away.
  • Opt out of having companies you do business with share your personal information. You may get a letter or email from time to time from companies you do business with. They may ask you if it is okay to share some of your personal details with other companies they have a relation with. If you do not want such info getting out, tell them no or fill out a form indicating not to share it.

In enjoying privacy and not being over-run with sales, are you doing enough to keep salespeople at bay?