The Apple iOS 8 was launched during the year of 2014 in September month, it has a new and variety of features, designs and widgets. Likewise people are expecting more features in the next Apple iOS 9. Each and every people would impress the iOS 8 features and activities. The preview action of this iOS 8 was established in the year of 2014, June month, after that they would be releasing this iOS 8 during September month in 17. Today, all people are expecting releasing date of new iOS 9; they can hope this fresh device will be come with variety of features and designs. These are only assumptions, but really, they would not know about that features and designs. Each and every customer expects this new iOS 9 will be releasing in the year of 2015 in month of June.

Features Of iOS 9

The customers will expect this iOS 9 have various user accounts pooled with appropriate parental controls. The iOS 8 has more influence to save battery power, in this way people will expect this new iOS 9 have more power regarding the battery. The iOS 8 would have own capability to on a saving mode automatically on iPhone and iPad, the customer will expect this same performance in new iOS 9. The previous iOS 7 would give very fast access of internet, WI-FI and Bluetooth connection, most of the customers will hope a new iOS 9 have very fast internet access when compared to previous model.

Apple iOS 9 Important Changes and Features Possible

Changes In iOS 9

The developer might apply some changes in new iOS 9 when compared to previous one. This feature device can be made with every notification on settings window, this helps to avoid of searching all menus to discover what alterations were done. Skype software permits to communicate between more than two people; this iOS can have limiting face calls to just 2 people. If you want to delete any apps, you have to wait for deleting that default application completely, but iOS 9 could have more ability to hide the apps, that you won’t want. This is great improvements could have present in this new device. Now you don’t want to delete any application, the iOS 9 will expect to have concealed unwanted application in your device properly; this is the assumption about iOS users. The previous iOS 8 has one problem in Local Siri, if you are sending any voice command to your friends; you have to use Internet connection. Sometimes you did not get a proper connection to send voice command at the time, you process has been stopped completely. But the people will expect this fresh iOS 9 could have very fast Internet connection and also trying to forward messages without proper signals, this is the main plus point of this device. The new iOS 9 would have proper iMessage; the developer can develop this iOS 9 devices with some additional improvements. You can able to get a very good social media combination in this fresh device.