You may have seen a common question on health forums that after losing weight, how to maintain it? If you want to know that after quitting a workout plan or achieving the desired results, maintain it how to maintain that, read the full article. Actually, you need to understand the whole concept of weight loss so that you can make relevant changes in your lifestyle. If you could make small changes, then you can maintain your ideal body weight without much problem.

People who find it difficult to maintain their body weight must check their eating pattern after they quit their fitness regime.

Another point is that they have read so many fitness plans and a steroid known as NPP that they get confused as which plan is best suited to them. If you are one of them who is willing to lose weight, but not sure where to start, then read on. After reading this article you will start your weight loss regime without many hassles.

Maintain a Diary

You will be surprised to know that why I am asking you to maintain a diary when you are willing to know about weight loss. Believe me, this is the most perfect way to know about your eating habits and the fitness regime you are following. After a few weeks you can go through it and find out the reason why you are not achieving your desired results. Read more abouta steroid known as NPP. This is your fitness regime so write down everything honestly.

Exercise to Maintain Your Body

You are exercising to lose body fat or to shed off extra weight from your body, but you have to work out in order to maintain what you have achieved.  If you will continue with the exercises, you will maintain your metabolic rate. Metabolic rate burns fat at a faster rate and even when you are resting. It is okay, if you cannot follow rigorous weight training, but make sure you have to remain physically active, whether you indulge yourself in physical activities or do a 20 minute workout. If you follow this in the long run, it will pay you enormously.

Target Achievable Goals

If you plan to lose 25 pounds of body weight in a month, then it is not the right technique. It is advised to lose only 1 to 2 pounds every week. It is easy to make short term goals and achieve them.

Increase Your Workout Intensity

When you started your fitness regime you were unable to do bench press with 10 pounds of weight each side, but now you are comfortable in doing even with 20 pounds. This means you have to increase the intensity level of your exercise as your body grows and becomes accustomed to the training schedule. A slight increase in your intensity level will also help you lose weight constantly.


This is a key and plays an important role in your weight loss regime. You have to find out the reasons to stay motivated. You can also take your family member or your friend along with you to stay dedicated.