It is a frequency shift keying (FSK) and the Shift key audio frequency (AFSK) Keying available for operating RTTY processing.

You can stay with Super Sweeper Digital Master, on top of the action you up to copy QSO CW, RTTY and PSK to 40 at the same time allows. Once the DX QSO is finished, interacts Digital Master to save directly to the newspaper to contact. Digital Master works with a variety of audio interfaces and multi-mode, including Time Navigator Wave, SignaLink USB and West Mountain Radio RigBlaster.

HRD Software Offers A Variety Of Forms Of Assistance

Satellite Tracking

Ham Radio Deluxe satellite tracking module takes the guesswork to the satellite to work. Using the equations of mechanics the last minute on the downloaded from a variety of trusted sources Keplerian orbital element and information, you can predict satellite passes with Confidence. customizable display to keep you informed of the amateur radio  satellite footprint, the planned path and the predicted dice happens above. A real-time link to Google Earth can see that the satellite sees as it flies over – ideal for presentations!

Azimuth in real time and the page location information directly driven by a screw control for automatic positioning of satellite antenna systems. Satellite tracking automatically calculates the Doppler shift of the satellite transponder and sends the data to the drive control devices to keep their disabled bandwidth radio transponder.

Rotator Control

Integration with the Record Book and satellite tracking, manages the rotator control the paths through a rotator controller computer interface. Many modern electrical boxes, such as the M2 RC2800PX green heron RT series 2x Yaesu GS-232, RC-1 MDS, and the drivers have the option HyGain DCU series of computer control. Much more can be retrofitted to control the computer – why they do not get to work?

Rotator control shows a circle or a large projection Mercator map that unclickable the operation sleeve. Combo boxes also allow easier these rare DX to find items: simply select the name of the country to target and call its beam. Rotator control is the icing on the project of integration of the station.


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