Every one wants to enjoy delicious meals with family and friends at the lunch or the dinner. But cooking at home often becomes a little hectic for the home maker. In these circumstances, they can use the latest introduced oven by NuWave. The NuWave Oven is very effective in preparing any dish without any troubles. It promises cooking any dish 50 per cent faster.

NuWave have consistently brought cutting edge devices which surpassed the expectations of the people. This newly introduced oven is also such a device which promises to be a important constituent of every kitchen. It is easily distinctive from the other traditional and conventional ovens found in the market. It is enriched with a variety of new features. This device is competent to perform various functions like broil, roast, grill, steam and air fry. It can be also be used for barbeque making it the ideal device in every household.

One of the main features of the NuWave Oven is its cooking technique. It provides a 3 way cooking to every food. Known as three combo cooking method, it is amalgamation of three different techniques ensuring more succulent and delicious cooking.

The three ways are:

  • Conduction: It is the direct heat produced by the device and applied to the food inside the device
  • Convection: It is the process of hot air being circulated throughout to make the food warm and healthier
  • Infrared: It is the latest technology which provides a gentle cooking through radiant heating that penetrates inside of the food and ensuring complete cooking.

Due to this three combo cooking method, the process becomes much more quicker than the traditional ovens that are used. Another advantage is that it needs much lesser power and hence do not provide burden on the monthly bills.

As it provides and serves different forms of functions, people can replace this device with the current equipment that they use in their kitchen and home. It can perform all the functions of a conventional oven, microwave, food dehydrator, grill machine and other cookers. With the use of this NuWave Oven, anyone can serve hot fried chicken within 15 minutes and impress the guests.

Apart of the above mentioned three combo cooking method, it is also enriched with other features. For example, it is augmented with a completely digital control panel. This panel is very user friendly and even a person without any prior knowledge can use it without any hassles. The service can be customized according to need and requirements. The power of heating can be set in 10 different levels. Hence, the user can use it according to the meal he or she wants to cook. From getting crispy fries to making cakes, everything can be very simple with this device.

The model comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year and also ensures hassle-free service and delivery. There are many families which have already bought the device and expresses their complete satisfaction with the effectiveness of it. Hence, if you want to impress the guests, buy this multi-featured NuWave Oven and cook any delicacy.