Short note about Mozilla:

Mozilla Firefox has been created by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross as the browsing element to enter in the web pages. It has 18 great operators at mobile world congress 2013 in the Barcelona. It has declared the commitment to Firefox OS that has the power to unlock the web in the mobile phone. The Mozilla Firefox OS proves some specific industry support for fully acceptable mobile platforms.

Features of Mozilla Firefox OS:

Firefox OS provides a great performance, personalization and budget able prices which one may desire in their Smartphone. This is very much easy to work, much beautiful and clean way. It offers all the features of Smartphone including the messaging, email, calling, camera and some social features including facebook, Twitter, the Firefox web browser and many other important features. It helps us to search the actual web pages which we want. It will also help us the best searching way or the searching related topics to make our searching more effectible. An example of this: By using the Firefox OS one can easily search their favorite music artists, their songs, their concert tickets and many others.


By using this, one can easily enter the any searching point in the web pages and can download the important apps that they want badly. By creating these apps help him to control the apps completely as well as like the experience of a Smartphone and the possibility of searching the actual content they want. It has highlighted the uses, controlling method, privacy and the security system of the old Mozilla Firefox.

Market places of Mozilla Firefox OS:

The Mozilla Firefox apps provide apps in the field of games, news and Medias, industrial and marketing products, business, etc. These apps are related to the identification of the users and the web of his products. The mobile apps developer get the unlock power of web by the Firefox OS to launch their mobile apps in the market places. The web developer can easily make and distribute the HTML5 and its helps a user to find their desired apps in any market places near of them. The Mozilla Firefox OS involves the popular apps including Facebook, EA games; Disney mobile games, MTV Brasil, Pulse News, SporTV and many others. It opens the web as a mobile development platform with its marketplace and the mobile apps to do more chance to control for web developers as well as the consumers. The marketplace of Firefox makes the Smartphone more powerful to use any apps.

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