As a Mac user, it’s important to know there’s more software for your OS than what you can find on the Apple Web site. Applications such as iLife and iWork provide a basic set of productivity tools, but you can also consider the following software suites when you’re customizing your Mac.

Mariner Software: Paperless For Mac

Filing your paper documents can be a long-term project, unless you choose to store your digital records with software such as Paperless For Mac by Mariner Software. By scanning your receipts, documents, and financial statements, you can file and annotate hard copy records in a central location. The Smart Collections feature will help you stay organized as you keep track of your expenses. To combine other documents with your scanned items, you can simply drag and drop them to the Paperless application. Mariner Software recommends Paperless for filing taxable receipts that fall under the IRS Revenue Procedure 97-22 ruling that allows digital documentation.

Avid: Pro Tools 10

Pro Tools 10 from Avid is a feature-packed audio recording platform that lets you compose, record, edit, and mix original tracks. The software’s editing and mixing capabilities get a boost from the Clip Gain feature and an enhanced disk cache provides better responsiveness on computers that have slower hard drives. An extended 24-hour timeline allows for long-format projects. Avid Tools 10 also supports multiple audio formats, including interleaved, in a single session without generating duplicate files. Many users will enjoy the extra headroom for high-resolution recording provided by 32-bit floating-point format.

Roxio: Easy VHS To DVD For Mac

Have you taken a look at your company’s media vault lately? If it extends back to the late 1980s, you’re bound to find presentations, keynote speeches, and other video records on VHS tapes. Roxio’s Easy VHS To DVD software captures old video from VHS or an analog camcorder, transfers it to your PC, and creates files that will play on DVDs. To update your videos, you can edit them in iMovie and insert titles, incorporate frame-to-frame transitions, and add different menu styles. The step-by-step transfer process is as follows: connect the VHS player or camcorder to your Mac’s USB port using the Roxio Video Capture RCA to USB cable, move the content to your Mac by playing back the media from the video source, click the Start Recording button, and complete the recording by burning the content to a disc, editing it in iMovie, or watching it in QuickTime Player.

Intuit: QuickBooks For Mac 2012

As important as an office administrative assistant, QuickBooks For Mac 2012 from Intuit gives small businesses the personal finance tools they need to complete vendor payments, search accounts, and track transactions in general. The Company Setup Assistant guides you through normal QuickBooks tasks, which is great for anyone who doesn’t claim to be an accounting expert. The newest multi-step task-mastering features in the 2012 version incorporate batch online banking transitions, through which you can import bank and credit card accounts to the program, and procress invoicing for generating more than one invoice from one bill. In QuickBooks Search, you can query (with filters) the database to locate a customer’s contact data and cull it from the Customer, Vendor, and Transaction Centers. And when it’s time to collect from a client, you can put together a classy invoice that includes all the necessary data on a template as well as logos, images, and other fonts.

Microsoft: Office For Mac Home & Business 2011

If you’re part of a mobile team in which almost every member uses Microsoft’s Office suite, you can run Office For Mac Home & Business 2011 on your MacBook and edit documents with seamless transition. For instance, you can easily share files because Office For Mac is the most compatible software with Office For Windows. The Outlook component includes email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. When you log on to Windows Live SkyDrive, you’re able to open any of the Office Web Apps to modify documents in your Web browser. If you need to run a remote PowerPoint slideshow for multiple clients, you can host the presentation via the Web, as well.

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