Those who are fond of their uber-practical laptop would be thrilled to find out some of the longer laptop battery life tips. These guidelines will guarantee a long-lasting effect as well as a more efficient functioning. Keep them in mind when caring for your A-list gadget.

Laptop Battery Basics

The gradual and surprising death of your laptop batteries might come sooner than you expected. This is in fact the indirect result of a multitude of tasks and acts. Those who are eager to use their gadgets on the road might have to change the dying ones with brand new pieces that can exhaust the pocket. However professionals will reveal some of the most important longer laptop battery life tips that would spare you from an unpleasant experience as well as financial loss. These tiny tricks can be included in your daily schedule especially as the secret to save money and energy on a long term. Indeed some might consider the death of these devices imminent we can still add a few months or years to their life span. Stretch the period between two charging also to preserve the spotless condition of the batteries. Read through the following pro recommendations.

Extend Laptop Battery Life

Keep Batteries Cool

  • One of the most stubborn enemies of your batteries is heat. This is a factor that should be kept at a moderate distance since it can shorten the life of these devices. Moreover it is also important to place the laptop on a spot that allows the vents proper functioning.
  • Therefore it is advisable to keep these appliances on the desk or any other place that would serve as the proper surface rather than keeping them on pillows or any other materials that would block the air.
  • It is also a well-known fact that as the vents are in direct contact with the air, dust might accumulate on their surface. In this case use a compress air can to remove the residues and preserve the neat quality of your laptop.
  • Don’t Exhaust Batteries
  • It is one of the notorious misconceptions that fully exhausting the batteries is a must in case of devices. Charging can be properly done if the appliances’ battery is empty. However professionals warn us that the lithium ion when used on high speed and to completeness would only reduce the quality of laptop batteries. Instead it is advisable to keep an eye on the extra-feature of these gadgets to turn off when the batteries are close to exhaustion. Charge these devices when you approach to the critical level and make it full, rather then completing the process only partially. Batteries that are charged to the highest measure will serve as the best energy resources.

    Power-Saving Settings
  • Modern laptop designs as well as classic versions have power-saving settings that can be activated by accessing the control panel. This is the actual means to save energy and elongate the life og your batteries. This feature will control the functioning of the screen, as well as particular parts of the hard drive that might drain your energy source. You can also appeal to the screen saver tricks which advises you to set its appearance to 1 minute.
  • External Accessories

  • It is also a well-known fact that using external accessories rather than the embedded ones would further decrease the lifespan of your laptop batteries. As a consequence it is recommended to skip the use of CD players as well as keyboards, DVD players as well as a simple mouse. Instead the laptop creators provide you with features that are included in the system of the laptop which won’t drain the batteries as much as the use of these energy eater gadgets. USBs act the same way therefore remove them if your don’t use them. Extend the life of these devices with a few easy-to-handle tricks.