In the recent years, among the major Oil and Gas producing companies in Texas, Alfaro Oil and Gas has established its all-time record performance. As per statement of the group’s Founder and CEO Brian Alfaro that followed by execution of certain latest mechanisms such as, 3D and AVO imaging techniques it has been possible to explore the oil hoarded places faultlessly and effectively. With this, the Alfaro geologists are continuously helping its oil extractor team to find and produce enhanced amount of oil. Prepared with an extremely skilled and well trained workforce, veteran technicians and geological engineers the company follow the latest and most protected fracking system in oil field.

Other than Alfaro and Primera Energy, Brian Alfaro has been performing as the Chairman of Silver Star Resources. The San Antonia based company is a specialist supplier of Oil and Gas products. The thriving Oil field leader Brian Alfaro is quite optimistic that in no time, the group’s production from these three major units is about to make this TX community among the top 10 oil producers in the United States. It needs no mention that as a quality oil producer company Brian has already gained solid market reputation and this has inspired a series of high profile investors to join Alfaro group of companies. Brian is committed to supply the premium class petroleum producers to its partners. Importantly, by offering unparalleled scheme-based drilling proposals it has gained huge response from the industry.

The Oil companies operating under the management of Brian are having notable presence in the prime oil field areas like Barnett shale and Eagle Ford Shale, TX. Equipped with ecologically friendly oil lifting operation and fracking systems, latest techniques and skilled geologists the group is confident to grow endlessly in the US market. Importantly, Brian likes sharing his achievement with his community people and has a series of programs aimed to community’s wellbeing. The person, who had only a few oil areas in 2006, is now one of the major national standard contributors and producers of oil and gas products in America. Needless to say, his zeal to make the things done, self-confidence and adherence to his group’s quality policies are some of the great factors that made him a distinguished persona in Oil industries.

Brian Alfaro is supported by Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree with specialization in Communication. He has earned expertise in vast areas including Assessment of Minerals, Geological Sc Seismology, Onshore/Offshore drilling, Marketing, Retail Business for petroleum product and Partnership. During his youth, Brian was greatly associated with San Antonio based Nation MS Society. Right from this time he is known as an adoring participant in numerous philanthropic activities. These days, he aims to takeover more number of quality oil fields located in the finest areas in Eagle Ford Shale. Brian Alfaro has partnered with the major corporate companies for ensuring a groth in the industry.