To a lot of us the medical term of assisted birth would not have been an unheard concept. By assisted birth it points to the fact that your baby does need some help to make an entry to this world. It would be right towards the end and by this it would point to the pushing phase of labor. Other than the forceps, vacuum extractor delivery would be another type of delivery. At this point of time we are about to discuss more about vacuum delivery baby

With a vacuum it resembles more in terms of a suction cup. It is a soft plastic cup which you can go on to attach to the head of a baby in the form of suction. The health care provider is going to use the handle on the cup so that the baby goes on to move down the birth canal. The reasons for such a type of birth are numerous. The main reason happens to be when the baby is in a mode of stress and would be pretty near to the time of birth. It is then the ventouse could go on to speed up the process. When it is the case of a normal labour it does need an hour for the woman to push out the baby without any form of assistance as well. If you need the baby to be just born in a matter of few minutes, then this option would be the best. This type of birth would be of paramount importance if

  • If you are still going to push for several hours once you complete the dilation
  • If the lady goes on to become exhausted after pushing
  • Baby is replicating signs of stress. It would mean that the baby needs to be pushed more quickly then what the mother could afford as well
  • For any medical reason the pushing is going to become a lot risky as well
  • There are going to be timing restrictions on pushing. This depends upon the policy of the hospital or as per the preferences of the health care provider
  • The head of the baby is not at an optimal position for birth

In case if such a type of birth is called for then the health care provider would need to figure out whether the position of the baby happens to be low enough. On the other hand if a C section is suggested then the head of the baby has to be higher.

The moment a vacuum type delivery is suggested you are going to be provided with anaesthesia for pain relief. In the vagina you can go on to insert at a local level as well.  A point to consider is that babies who are born via this method might have a swelling on their heads. This might cause some degree of discomfort but it is going to reduce after a couple of days after your birth. In addition there are other risks associated with this procedure.