Insulation is important for a variety of products. But not all types of insulation are created equal, and there are a multitude of materials on the market that offer beneficial properties to consider. Here are a few of the advantages that are provided by unique fibres insulation which you may not already be aware of.

Strength and Flexibility

Often these two facets are seen as mutually exclusive, but by using a percentage of solid fibres it is possible to ensure that insulation is both tough enough to maintain a consistent structure while still being malleable in a manner than enhances the ease of installation.


The effectiveness of some insulation is determined by its weight, in as much as adding more mass and volume can deliver improved heat retention results at the expense of having a larger and heavier assembly that might not be suitable in every situation.

With unique fibres insulation, an innate lightness of the composite material is achieved, not only leading to better performance but also ensuring that weight is kept to a minimum and no unnecessary strain is put on supporting structures.


Keeping heat in is not simply a process which requires all air flow to be smothered completely. In reality, the most effective insulations will be breathable, enabling the moisture and cooler pockets of air to escape. And with modern fibre configurations, this can be achieved with ease, offering the best of both worlds.

So-called vapour wicking capabilities have the additional benefit of repelling any water which might come in contact with the insulation, whether as a result of its condensing on another surface or for any other reason. So the thermal properties of the material also enable it to keep the environment which is being insulated dry.


If insulation relies on uniform, largely identical fibres, then over time things like gravity and other forces acting upon it can cause issues with compression and ultimately lead to the material becoming a less effective insulator.

Conversely, with unique fibre insulation, in which solid, shaped and hollow fibre designs and properties are combined into a multi-functional material, the long-term structural integrity is reinforced and it should be more stable over the course of many years.

This reduces the need for maintenance and helps to reduce the cost of ownership over time, making the initial investment easier to justify.

Thermal Advantages

Amongst all these other benefits, it is important to remember that cutting-edge fibre insulation will also be able to provide exceptional levels of warmth that go above and beyond what might normally be achievable with this type of product.

So when heat escaping is not something that can be tolerated because of the discomfort it will cause or the higher energy costs that will be incurred, unique fibre insulation will be able to live up to and exceed expectations.

From the strength and flexibility to the vapour wicking and water-resistant qualities, it should be simple to see why so many people are turning to unique fibre insulation.