If you have a million dollars in your possession and do not where to start or to go, visit Australia! Australia is famous for many things among them the extra ordinary landscapes, laid back cities as well as the beautiful expansive sandy beaches. In fact, it would be next to impossible to cover everything in just a simple trip. This article takes a look at some of the must do things once you have set foot in Australia and the places to visit as well for every travel enthusiast. If you are a foreigner, Nashville airport transportation will take you to the airport to board for Australia and then when you return be there to pick you.

If You Had A Million Dollars, Where Would You Go?

Wine tasting

Not so many people are aware, but Australia has some of the finest wines that have actually won medals and awards at international competitions. According to data by iwsc, Australia scooped 774 out of the total 5395 awards at the international wines and spirits competition in 2013; a whopping 14% of the total. It’s said that the hot weather condition of the south and western parts of Australia together with the high mineral level of the soils contribute to the beautiful flavors that are only unique to the region. Here you can find wines ranging from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Swim with the whale sharks

Imagine swimming with the whale sharks, such beautiful creatures up to 46ft long. That would be hard to forget and what you should do is visit Australia. Ningaloo Reef of the coral coast in Western Australia is a great place to start. If you are considering this activity, you have to consider the timing with the most time being mid-march and towards the end of July.

Go on a cruise in one of the harbor

Going on a cruise has got to be on the top of everyone’s bucket list. Imagine that awesome feeling you get when you go cruising around the world as you have a sip of your favorite champagne or wine and at the same time enjoy yourself talking to other guests. Nothing beats that. With a cruise, you will be able to have a total different view of the world and waterfront unforgettable memories. You will also be able to sit down with the love of your life if you will be travelling together and watch as the sun sets over the horizon while gently rocking on a cruise boat.

Water sports

There is a plethora of watersports that you can engage in while in Australia given that the country is well endowed with beautiful beaches and amazing weather almost throughout the years. You can go kayaking, boating, jet skiing, deep sea fishing among many others. You could also go out for a swim and enjoy walking on the beach. And then later go back to your hotel to relax in your expensive five star hotels.

There are many things that you can do with a million dollars in Australia and other parts of the world. These are a few of the activities that you can engage in before you go back with Nashville airport transportation to your city.