HP Enterprise Services has launched a series of fresh updates exclusively for the benefits of the other service providers to venture new revenue streamslast Wednesday. As we all know that these updates are released soon after the announcement of the appointment given for executive vice president of HP Enterprise Services to Mike Nefkens. This extraordinary new introduction is created and built excusively on the HP Converged Cloud portfolio along with the HP Cloud Business Strategy Workshop for Service Providers, which was proudly launched in the month of April 2012 period of time. According to this new introduction made by the HP service providers provides its special customers interesting offerings that allows them to create customized cloud related to their base.

 Cloud ComputingThe chief technologist, communications, media and entertainment,HP Enterprise Services, Jeff Edlund, said to the reporters in an exclusive interview, “What we’ve learned through working with CSPs and going over their cloud offers is all of them are convinced they need to offer a cloud, but there are just a few of them that know specifically what the offers are that they should be delivering from their cloud that will interest their customer base.” And Edlund added that, “This business strategy workshop is specifically designed for the C-level and the carrier understand what their customer base is, what their customer base’s needs are from the perspective of a cloud services delivery model and then build an end-to-end strategy and business plan that will allow them to successfully deploy their own cloud offer.”

The wonderful consultation aspect provides an opportunity to check on the clients if they are procuring the perfect cloud services that quenches the search and thirst of the end users. According to the latest announcements Gartner said that are planning to spend their resources on the consulting service department will be increasing at perfect speed, which is a good signal that portray the vast opportunities available for the cloud providers such as the HP to provide an amazing consultant approach service for their exclusive cloud customers. The HP Market Place Portal has been enriched with new fresh productivity and business applications that is supported by the new cloud updates. This portal offers the service providers to easily access to the Microsoft Live 365 and Zoho CRM easily with ultimate steps.

The HP proclaims that the service providers can provide IaaS, business applications as a service, communications as a service and the device management as a service, and be transformed in to cloud service brokers. Then Edlundalso said that HP has improved steps evolved by cloud software to integrate with the Matrix and HP Blade Matrix that operates software and environment hardware. He says, “It provides a much better user experience when one of the carriers’ customers wants to provision software, it’s just a lot easier to do, a lot more straightforward, just kind of point-and-click and they get access to the assets they need and then the backend software takes care of all of the provisioning tasks that needs to be in place to get the infrastructure they’re looking for provisioned,”.