University! Assignments! Essays! All these three things go hand in hand. You can’t escape from any of them. To perform better in college, it’s important that assignments are done with full enthusiasm and confidence.

You might wonder sometimes that how your batch mates get good grades, but you fail to do so. In spite of giving in your 100% effort you don’t achieve the desired score.

What if I say that even you can score good grades in those assignments and create an impression. Well, it’s not a cake walk, but still you can try and improve.

The very first thing for writing down an essay is collecting the information. Well, that’s not a difficult task anymore, thanks to Google! But, how to use the information and create a remarkable essay is important.

Purpose of writing

Lets first get a hang of the basic reason for writing down an essay to get to become a good essay writer. There can be a number of reasons for writing like:

-Analysing your knowledge.

-Clarifying you concepts and doubts and helping you understand better.

-Essays help a lot in improving your writing skills.

-Essays will help you evaluate that how easily you can grasp an information and use it or apply it.

-Understanding the question and framing an answer for it can become a lot easier.

Get the detail explanation of the purpose behind writing an essay.

How To Write Better Essays For Assignments

Traits of a perfect essay


Do the research work with lots of patience and hard work. Try to collect new facts and figures, which were not discussed in the classroom lecture. Have a different approach for evaluating the topic. This way your essay will be distinct from others.

Structure it right 

To make your essay more readable, the flow of your essay should be perfect. If you will just keep a big block of text, no one will be interested in reading it. Breaking your essay into appropriate paragraphs is very necessary. There should be an introduction, body and the conclusion.

Stick to the point

Try to add only relevant information and avoid adding irrelevant information. Rambling words here and there just for increasing the number of words, is not a good habit. You should only include information which is relevant to the topic.

An amazing heading

Heading is the first thing which the readers will notice, so it should be really catchy! Give a very good heading to your essay to let it stand out. You can take essay help for getting examples of a good heading.

Make a plan 

Planning is helpful, whatever the task is. Same goes for a writing assignment. Though planning is a time taking job, but if you have a plan, your work turns out to be more systematic. Most of essay writing help websites follows a plan to keep up the good work.

Practice is the key 

Practice makes a man perfect, is an old and tested saying. So, do follow it if you want to write good essays. Writing is a skill which needs a lot of hard work, you need to practice lots of sample essays and understand the technicalities involved.

Bring in variety

No one likes to be monotonous, so why are you being while writing an essay! Using the same words and phrases again and again is not happening at all. Try to use new words and sentences for an effective write up.

Revision is a must 

No matter how beautifully you have composed your essay, but if don’t revise it, you can lose marks on careless mistakes. This is where most students miss out & get low grades. While revising check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Check  for sentence framing and formatting. Otherwise

In depth knowledge

Your essay should be able to showcase your knowledge on the topic. You should be able to clear your confusions and doubts and frame an effective essay. Also one needs to support their writing with lots of facts, figures and hypothesis to make a strong argument.

Writing a perfect essay for your university assignment is not a big deal. You just need to keep a few things in mind. These tips will come in handy when you will be stuck in the midst of writing an essay or when you really need to score good grades. We have listed most beneficial tips and tricks which can help all the students to compose an effective essay. A student also skillfully learn how to structure your essay to make it more readable.

This blog is written by Bella Williams , who is private tutor in Information Technology at Expert Assignment Help and loves working with students to help them out with IT assignments and software packages for their capstone projects. She breathes and lives around international students and understands their problems. She also conducts educational tours for students during vacation.