If you are eyeing up a brand new watch and wondering how you are going to afford it, perhaps selling your old one could be an option? Of course no one is suggesting you sell something that is special to you or has sentimental value, but if you have a piece of wrist candy that is sitting around doing nothing why not trade it in?

These days we’re all much more used to ‘cash for gold’ schemes where we can sell unwanted items and raise money quickly when we are short of cash. What you might not realise is that you can sell your watch online in the same way – and raise funds quickly and without hassle.

That said, if you do decide to sell your watch online then it stands to reason you are going to want to go down the right route of doing so. There are different selling methods and techniques that you can use, so have a little read up on all of your options and you’ll find it much easier to decide what is best.

How To Sell Your Watch Online

Selling Your Watch Quick Sharp

If you are looking to raise funds quickly then you’ll want to use the equivalent of a cash for gold website to sell your watch. Sites like “We Buy Any Watch” can be found by typing search terms like “sell my watch UK” into your favourite search engine.

These people usually ask for details of your watch and then give you a quote within a few hours. You can then send your watch to them and expect payment within in a day or two. If you do sell via this method then more often than not you will be offered a lower payment than your watch is worth, but when you consider the fact that you get the money straight away this can still be worth doing.

Using Social Media to Sell Your Watch

These days we use social media for so much, so why not use it for selling too? If you look for local selling groups on the likes of Facebook then you are bound to find a few groups where people local to you have signed up to buy and sell in the local area. Another option is also to look for groups that specialise in the sale of watches, because you might be able to find someone interested in what you have to sell and you can simply send it to them through the post.

Auction Websites and Classified Ads

For many years now people have used websites such as eBay and Gum Tree to sell goods on and these most definitely should not be ruled out. When it comes to eBay you need to take into account fees for selling and with Gum Tree you should do what you can to ensure that the buyer is genuine. However if these are used correctly then they can both be fantastic ways of selling your watch, and they’re both relatively hassle free which is always a good thing!

Which Is Best For Me?

Before you can decide which watch selling method is for you, you really need to think about your reasons for selling. If you’re looking to raise funds quickly then this will of course influence your decision, because you’ll want to use the method that allows you to sell (and get payment) as soon as possible. If not then explore local selling groups and the likes of eBay to see which of these tend to have the best watch sales history. Looking up different options shouldn’t take long and gives you the best chance of being able to sell your watch for a decent price in the time scale that you need