Environmental conditions are changing every year with the rise in global warming. This calls for the need of energy conservation all across the world.  There are many eco-friendly ways of saving on those utility bills while getting much energy to manage tasks at home and business firms.  Therefore, it has become very important to understand the basic model of green design for sustainable living. The green buildings model can help preserve the environment for coming generations and provides you the comfort and healthy today.

Below are few ideas that can help in completing the green design for your home.

  • Site Selection: Always select the building site close to town with the school, malls, and workplace to minimize the time and travel distance. It helps in encouraging the healthier walks, cycle paths and avoidance of polluting automobile trips.
  • Water Heating System: Installation of energy efficient heaters plays an important role in reducing the utility bills. A recent research confirmed that this strategy of installing water heaters reduces 50% of the total energy bill. Although the cost of initial installation is quite high, but considering the numerous environmental benefits, it is worth the investment.
  • Furniture: The appearance of a house is complimented by the furniture. For an eco-friendly home decor, the use of bamboo, rattan, teak and recycled wood for the furniture are the best alternatives. If deciding on getting painting, use of plant oil paints, mineral extracts are recommended. Go for the paints, which are free from volatile organic compounds.
  • Solar panels: You can install solar panels in your house to save money on your electricity bills while adding more energy for daily domestic consumption. Once, again the installation of these solar panels might seem quite expensive, but for longer run it will add numerous benefits in the form of low utility bills.
  • Fire Place: People from cold region tend to burn wood during winters to keep themselves warm, but it is one of the biggest reasons for high-level deforestation. It can be substituted by using the natural gas fireplace to avoid the release of toxic wastes in air.
  • Property Maintenance: Proper care and timely maintenance are an essential responsibility for any homeowner. Change light bulbs to LED wherever possible. Keep your windows open for ventilation. Switch to nontoxic cleaning materials. Perhaps buying a tree and planting to shade the house to save on artificial cooling cost.

There are many real estate builders and construction companies in the United States that offer various green design models as per the customer’s requirement and suitable for their house. Recently many residents of California have adopted the Murray Lampert design to remodel their existing houses into the green design for the long term sustainability.

The green home design is not only good for the environment but also have the positive effect on the owner’s health, budget and wellbeing.  To conclude, designing and remodeling an environment-friendly home is a tiring act. A great deal of intense research is required to plan and invest, but for many it is one of the best decisions taken for their family.