We do our best to keep the house clean and tidy, but unfortunately since we don’t have all the time in the world we tend to forget some places. Learn which in this article.

Nowadays women don’t stay at home and take care of the house, we also go to work which consumes most of our day. The problem is we’re still expected to preform all the cleaning chores we used to, well let me tell you we just can’t. There is no way a twenty-four hour day can be enough to manage with the cleaning, cooking and all those little time consuming things we used to do. Which leaves us with the weekend to catch up with the housework or we have to choose to hire a carpet cleaning company instead.

But don’t you agree it is inhumane to have a seven day working schedule, after all everyone needs a rest. We’re not superwomen and after a hard week we too deserve some piece, quiet and a day off just for ourselves. At least we need some help in all the chores, not endless reproach that the house is not clean enough. After all how can it possibly be clean when you constantly make a mess that we have to set right?

Things We Neglect Cleaning

And I don’t want to start with the gratitude – when will you learn that we clean because we have to not because we like it. Let me tell you a secret women hate cleaning more than everything ever since we were little and out mothers told us we’ll be taking care for it once we grow up. But anyways enough complaining I was going to tell you about some of the places we often forget when we preform a thorough cleaning of the entire house.

Here Are The Neglected Places Of Your Home

The first thing is the corners of the ceiling and the spider webs that are there, we notice then when they’re big and ugly. Cleaning them won’t take more than a minute so next time you’re vacuuming the carpet or dusting the furniture make sure you pay attention to them. While we’re in the living-room better pay attention to the hard to reach places of your sofa and don’t forget the backside of the area carpets and rugs.

Can you tell me how often you wipe the top if the shelves? Now too often I think and this is the cause of allergies and bad air quality. Moreover it is the prefect environment for dust mite development and you know what can this nasty bugs do. Next we’ll go in the kitchen and pay a little more attention to the recycle bin and the refrigerator. You should thoroughly clean the garbage bin once a week to kill bacteria and prevent bad smell.

The same applies for the fridge and the pad underneath it, yes it has to be cleaned form time to time. And the cutting board, I almost forget it, if you have a stem cleaner use it on the cutting board, baking soda and lemon juice will do the trick too. Moving on to the bathroom which is one of the cleanest rooms in the house, but we often forget about the grout and let limescale build up. The easiest way to manage with everything and still have time is to contact a cleaning company and let them do all the work. Believe me, the price you will pay is worth the free time you will win in this way.