One of the great and innovative moves taken by the present Government is the implementation of Aadhar card in India. It is basically a unique identification number for every citizen of India which is usually known as the UID. To make your safety worth it in your country, you need to have an Aadhaar card number which is of 12 digits. It is not very much essential for opening a bank account or buying any product an Aadhar card is mandatory. However, if you forgot to carry your Aadhar card, then you can download it via online easily. You can do Aadhaar card download by name. Here is a step by step guide to download Aadhar card by Name and DOB.

How To Download Aadhar Card By Name And DOB?

How to Download Aadhar Card by Name and DOB?

Here is a step by step guide for Aadhaar card download by name and all you need to do is to follow all the steps properly.

Step 1:

The very first step that you need to do is to visit the official website of UIDAI which is at

Step 2:

If you have lost your Aadhar card number which is of 12 digits, this is the official site where you can retrieve it.

Step 3:

Now once you have opened the official website, then you need to put in the complete data including your name and one of the email id that is registered and also the contact number. Don’t forget to put the safety code as well.

Step 4:

Once done, you need to hit the “Send One Time Password/ OTP” button to get the security code.

Step 5:

You will receive an OTP which you need to enter that secret code to verify your mobile number and then hit on the “Verify OTP” button.

Step 6:

Now you will get to see a message popping on the screen where you can see your that your Aadhar card number is sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 7:

After you receive it, go to the official website of UIDAI again and click on the “Enrolment ID”.

Step 8:

Now put in the 12 digits of your Aadhar card number along with your name, captcha code as well as a pin code.

Step 9:

Once you are done with all the above steps, you need to again hit on the “OTP or One Time Password: button.

Step 10:

You will now see the OTP number which you need to put in and yes you are done. Just hit on the “Validate & Download” option and you are all set and take aadhar card online print. This is the entire process on how you can download your 12 digits Aadhar card number by name.


Before you proceed with the downloading process, you need to keep certain points in mind. If your number is not linked to your Aadhar card, then you won’t be able to download your Aadhar card. You can get the pdf format of the UIDAI and you can use it anywhere in place of an actual hard copy of your Aadhar card.