A digital catalog software can create fantastic rich media catalogs and brochures that are interactive, innovative and engaging. When you are beginning to create your catalog, it makes sense to go with a digital catalog software to get the job done since it is all-encompassing, has a wider reach, acquires more brand awareness, and generates an increasing amount of revenue. Here are some steps to consider before you begin to create your digital property.

How To Create A Winning Online Brochure or Catalogue

1. Identify the Purpose of your Online Brochure or Catalog

The very first thing would be to identify what the purpose of creating your online catalog or brochure is. Is it meant to establish your company’s credibility, are you going to provide product details, do you want to distribute news, is this a lead generation process, do you want consumers to make a purchase or sign up for a free trial? A clear purpose helps you put things in perspective not only for yourself but also for your prospective readers. Define the purpose of your brochure and stick to it.

2. Say Hello to your Target Audience

When you identify who you are creating your catalog or digital brochure for, it makes it easier for you to use your digital catalog software efficiently to offer them stuff they will find engaging, interactive, valuable, and informative.

3. Add Social Media Buttons

Social media is a fabulous way for your readers to share your online catalog or brochures with their friends and online community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This also increases the viralibility of your content.

4. Add Appropriate Calls-to-Action

Well-defined calls-to-action re helpful as they direct users into performing a function you want them to do. Highlight them effectively, but subliminally so that they are easily visible but not right in a reader’s face.

5. Don’t forget about RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow readers to subscribe to your updates and be involved in your brand. This is a marvelous way to keep a connection with your readers.

6. Add the Add-Ons

Make sure you take care of all the little nuances like including live URLs and emails, search buttons, hotlinks etc. to create a more holistic and user-friendly online catalog or brochure.

7. Don’t make it All about you

Sure, your online brochure is meant to tell your readers about your company or brand. But that doesn’t mean that you force yourself down their throats. As you are using your digital catalog software to create your brochure, make sure that you focus equally on your reader’s problems and the kind of valuable solutions you can offer them.

Use a digital catalog software to give your online catalog or brochure an added advantage.