Home Area Network (HAN) is a recently created term that is used to denote the small LAN present in homes. Home area networks have empowered people to gain a control over the electricity consumption they experience by accepting the smart grid setup.

How Does a HAN Function?

The functions can be explained below.

  • With a home area network, all the sub-systems in a home are connected enabling remote monitoring and control of the internet use.
  • It can turn devices on, off, up or down making the smart appliances in your home shift to economy mode.

The various sub-systems which can be linked to the HAN and monitored include fire detection, lighting, person alarm, burglar alarm, solar energy, internet, garden lighting and irrigation control, remote appliances control, and several others.

How To Create A Home Area Network – Tips That You Can Easily Adopt

Setting up the HAN

The central part of the HAN consists of a PAC or programmable automation controller which responds to the information requests from people and devices, and takes automated steps that are influenced by parameters which are already set. A modular design is favorable with a single base unit along with expansion modules. These modules link to the counters, sensors, valves, machines, and home appliances. An in-built webserver that is convenient to use is present providing access to the remote control and the information collected. Software and service that is web based help in the entire process.

How To Create A Home Area Network – Tips That You Can Easily Adopt

Steps Involved

There are five steps involved in the home network setup.

  1. The wireless router is the link between the HAN and Internet, and also keeps other devices linked with each other in the network. The router should be linked to the modem that is provided by the ISP using Ethernet cable.
  2. The interface of the router is accessed and locked.
  3. Security features are configured and IP address is confirmed.
  4. Control and sharing features are enabled.
  5. Setting up user accounts is done.

In case of your tablet or laptop not containing Wi-Fi features, USB Wi-Fi adaptor is used for Internet connection. This should be compatible with the router you have set up. The adaptor is also compatible with several devices, so you can link it with any device and be connected instantly.