For many people, entering college is like showing up to a Halloween party completely uninvited, not knowing anyone, and wearing a costume – when it isn’t a costume party.

This uncertainty about college courses, professors, and fellow students takes some time to adjust to, especially if you find yourself living alone for the first time, in a dorm room full of others that are equally confused and desperately trying to find a place to fit in.

Luckily for some, however, college doesn’t come as quite a shock because the college preparatory program they committed to during high school prepared them for what university life would be like.

Not sure how the right high school can prepare you for college?  Keep reading, and you will find out.

1. AP Tests Put You Ahead

Taking AP anything probably wasn’t all that fun in high school.  The classes likely packed full of schoolwork, homework, and difficult exams, not to mention the one at the end of the year that sealed your college fate.

However, after taking that final AP test, and passing it, you’ll be thankful you won’t have to take basic college level chemistry, physics, or even history.

Also, you’ll save loads of money because you won’t have to take these courses, and pay for them, at the college level.

2. Time Management

Quality college prep schools will require you commit to some extracurricular activity as a way to pursue your interests, learn new skills, and of course, pad your resume.

During this time, you will master time management skills that will carry over into college when you have to handle all the difficult college course you have enrolled in.  In fact, time management in college will probably feel like a walk in the park.

You may even have some leftover time to make new friends, go to sporting events, and sleep in on the weekend thanks to your newfound time management skills.

3. Sports May Be an Option

Many college prep schools require their students to participate in an intramural sport, whether they are good at it or not.  Because of this, you may have found a new love for an unusual sport, such as rowing, CrossFit, or even surfing.

To be realistic, not all sports you participate in during high school are offered at the university level.  However, for those that are, you now have a higher chance of making the team because of your skillset.

And, if the sport you loved in high school is not offered at the college level, you will now have a solid athletic foundation that will help you should you decide to tackle a new sport that is offered, even if just at the intramural level.

4. You Will be Socially Confident

Even the shyest people will come out of their shells a little bit if they attend the right kind of preparatory high school.  With a dedication to bringing everyone together as one, a strong focus on teamwork and acceptance, and introductions to cultures from around the world, college prep schools are great at inclusion.

By the time you enter college, you will be ready to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to new people.  Additionally, you will be better prepared to approach your seemingly intimidating professors for help, even during office hours, when something doesn’t make sense to you in class.

In the end, many benefits come from attending the right high school, especially if the one you attend focuses on preparing you for college.

If you are looking to have your best shot at adjusting to the newness of college, and don’t want to jump in feet first without testing the waters, consider a college preparatory high school and figure some of it out before your first day as a college student.