Malicious scripts called viruses can invade your computer to wreak havoc on your sensitive and precious data from literary numerous sources. They can catch you off guard by sitting on the hard disk and infecting it beyond recovery from most unexpected sources.

The first onslaught happens when the gullible user without exercising due diligence randomly clicks any prompt that pops up unexpectedly on the screen. Proper care should be employed to understand what the message box is trying to convey. This customarily happens during net surfing when out of the blues a box would appear claiming that the computer is infected with malware and a scanning script is required to be installed to clear it or that a particular plugin is needed to drive a program. Also during installation of particular software the installer may press for accepting additional components to enhance the effectiveness of the program or check the usage of it.

Another potential source of getting infected is through vicious email attachments. Emails from unauthorized senders or from apparent safe locations like friends, colleagues etc can carry attachments that when opened can critically hamper the functioning of hard disks or corrupt data. Most cunning virus scripts will spawn copycat versions of legal emails and push in the script in an unsuspecting manner. Group mails forwarded to bunch of colleagues can typically carry traces of such virus.

Updates available occasionally from Microsoft or other authentic sources are security updates that tend to fortify your system against potential virus threats. Ignoring such updates and not running them can make your PC vulnerable to assaults. The third party plug-ins associated with browsers can also make your PC susceptible to clandestine attacks and as such only genuine cookies should be allowed to settle themselves in the PC.

Infernal online locations which allow downloading of pirated copyright materials for free often bundle up the package with viruses that furtively sneak in the hard drive. Such sites invariably contain malicious scripts in download packages that get unleashed during unzipping of the same.

Many smart people opt not to have any antivirus program installed on their PCs anticipating compromise in speed owing to continuous running of the program in the background. They run the risk of becoming easy victim to viruses. It is highly recommended that premiere scanners should inevitably be installed on PCs and allowed to run round the clock to filter out any suspicious activity resembling a virus threat.

The ingenious virus programmers continuously ferret out newer routes to make inroads to your computer by demolishing the shield around it. One should religiously pursue the policy of keeping the antivirus database up to date and running the scan at regular intervals while exercising extreme caution while downloading files.


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