Almost every little girl dreams of becoming a bride one day. Maybe it’s because of the big wedding dress that makes her look like a princess. Or maybe it’s the thought of living happily ever after with her handsome “prince.” Some dream of walking down the aisle looking like their favourite princess. Some dream of wearing a traditional white wedding dress with a long train. In Western tradition, the white wedding dress symbolizes purity. That’s why it’s okay for brides to wear other colours besides white if it’s their second or subsequent weddings. In another Western tradition, it is considered good luck for the bride to wear or carry “something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue; and silver sixpence in your shoe” during the wedding ceremony.

The last line of that verse refers to the ancient tradition of the bride walking down the aisle wearing a coin in her left wedding shoe in order to ensure prosperity in her marriage. After the wedding, this lucky coin is either made into jewelry for keepsake or passed down from mother to daughter for the daughter’s wedding ceremony. The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they first hear about this coin in shoe tradition is usually “how uncomfortable!” It’s tricky enough trying to walk in high heels in that big wedding dress, imagine wearing high heels with a foreign object in your shoe.The bride could make it easy on herself by wearing ballet flats from shoes Australia instead of high heels.

Here Comes The Bride

Ballet Flats vs High Heels

Brides have to be on their feet almost all day. There’s the wedding ceremony in the morning, guests to meet and greet after the wedding ceremony, wedding photos to pose for, wedding reception, more guests to meet and greet at the wedding reception and the wedding dance. Imagine how tired her legs and feet would be by evening time if she was in high heels all day. She would be limping and hobbling on the dance floor at a time when all eyes are on her. Such a scenemay be unforgettable, but she won’t be having much fun at all if her feet are aching. It would make sense, therefore, for the bride to wear something more comfortable like ballet flats. I have seen brides and bridesmaids look just as elegant in the right ballet flats as those in high heels. Silver or gold ballet flats would be a perfect match for any wedding dress because they look stylish and fashionable. The best part is they are versatile enough to teamed up with any other outfit (e.g. skinny jeans, shorts and with casual or work clothes). So the bride can pack light for her honeymoon because she won’t need to take an extra pair of shoes with her as she can simply wear her ballet flats.

Here Comes The Bride

Where to Buy Ballet Flats?

The best place to buy ballet flats are from online shoe stores. Why? Because they usually operate from a warehouse, so they have a wider range of styles and colours to choose from. As they sell direct to the public, their prices are usually better than retail prices. Purchasing from online shoe stores allows you to browse through their range in your own time in the comfort of your home. Because they stock a wider range of shoes, you will often find Australian made as well as foreign made shoes at these stores. Many also deliver overseas, so you don’t even have to live in Australia to purchase from these online shoe stores.

A Shoe for Today’s Females

Gone are the days when ballet flats were only popular with little girls or elderly ladies. With the stylish designs such as mesh, leopard print, lace wraps around the ankles, toe straps, rounded toe, pointed toe, ankle strap with padded sock for added comfort, heel-chain embellishment, etc. that are available today, many hip and young females, celebrities and even royalties have been seen out and about in their ballet flats.

Ballet flats are one of the classic shoes that never go out of fashion and definitelya must have item to own by any fashion conscious female. If you are planning a wedding soon, why not do your feet and your bridesmaids’ feet a favour and team the dresses up with ballet flats instead of high heels?