If you’re looking for the latest in wireless headphones for your enjoyment and private listening, whether to TV, stereo, home entertainment such as theater, iTunes or Ipod, you might do well to look at the highly recommended Sennheiser RS 130 wireless headphones.

These state of the art wireless headphones provide an advanced communication via FM radio frequency. The result is clear sound with no background noise or static and nearly 500 feet of free movement. The headphones have terrific surround sound effects and weigh less than ten ounces. They are ergonomically designed to provide hours of comfort.

The features of the Sennheiser RS130 wireless headphones include a base station for the headphones that is attractive and stores the headphones whre they are not in use and also charges the batteries. Batteries are NiMH type, and their single charge keeps them going for 22 hours of your listening enjoyment. The wireless headphones base station has a 900 MHz high performance transmission, also wireless, that delivers a playback that is very impressive in its high fidelity capability. Its transmitters use Sennheiser’s customized system of intelligent automated tuning. This seeks and then chooses the best of three channels from base to headset that are available for delivery of sound to the wireless headphones.

A music professional and online consumer music advocate reviewed the Sennheiser wireless headphones. He noted the worldwide acclaim of all Sennheiser audio products as well as its firm’s state of the art designs and manufacture. He said that the Sennheiser RS 130 wireless headphones lived up to the Sennheiser quality reputation by delivering a high performance sound, as well as top notch value and ergonomically designed comfort.

He said that he tested the Sennheiser wireless headphones both inside and outside, in conjunction with his speaker system – a ZVOX 315 – and his iPod.

The ZVOX 315, by the way, is a surround sound single box speaker system that uses a single cable to connect to an mp3, an iPos, portable music instrument or equipment, or a computer, TV, CD player, DVD, satellite or clock radio, game console or any other device that has a jack for headphones or an audio output of some sort.

He also used his iTunes from his laptop. What he found was that the Sennheiser RS 130 wireless headphones gave him unparalleled listening without any disruptive noise. His recommendation was that anyone who was looking for a set of wireless headphones for less than $200 to be used with their iPod, their iTunes, their TV, stereo, or home theater, didn’t need to look anywhere else.