The challenges of establishing a new business are substantial. Getting started with the best equipment such as office chairs and projector screens is one thing, but you also need software that provides the support that all new businesses need to compete. While buying software to be installed is one option, there are many web-based software tools available for free or nominal prices that are perfect for small enterprises. All new organizations require office suite software for basic office communication. They also need accounting and security software as basic necessities for running any well-organized business.

Office Suite Software

The standard office suite software that most companies use is Microsoft Office. While this software is more expensive than many free and attractive options like, having at least one copy of Microsoft Office is a must for a new business. The good news is that there is no need to upgrade every year. After the initial investment, a company can upgrade every few years. By using Microsoft Office, a new company can rest assured that any documents produced will be compatible with other businesses.


All new businesses require an accounting software package. According to TopTenREVIEWS, Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting software ranks the highest with a 4 star rating and Gold Award status as compared to 40 other similar packages. This software works well for non-accounting personnel who plan on passing the reports generated by this software over to a CPA or accountant for further review and annual planning.

A close runner-up to Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting software is QuickBooks Pro. This package earned the Silver Award from TopTenREVIEWS. This comprehensive software is perfect for any small business professional who is seeking to run a business utilizing this tools as a comprehensive business partner. Like Sage Peachtree Complete, it is user-friendly and compiles all the data most small businesses will ever need to fulfil legal reporting requirements.


Securing important data from being infected with viruses is a task that can never be ignored. While many software packages can be expensive, there are other good options for a budget conscious, new business professional. Avira AntiVir is recommended in PC World as one of the best business tools. Security for PCs is actually free with a modest price tag for protecting servers. This is one of the best deals around.

Another security issue that any prudent small business professional must consider is securing information in case there is a fire or some other catastrophe where data can be destroyed. Backing up files can be performed in-house. An alternative option is to use Mozy as an online service to do this critical task. This secure online service provider offers this service for a mere $5 per month with unlimited service.


With so many affordable business tools available, there is no reason a new business owner needs to feel unprepared to meet any challenge. There are hundreds of new applications introduced in the marketplace daily. It is impossible to keep up with them all. Any business person needs basic accounting, office suite and security software to get started. After a month or more in business, then it is time to reassess and consider other software that might be appropriate. Social media tools like LinkedIn is one popular choice. Skype for business is another possibility for businesses that make international calls.

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