Considering the prevalent economical unsteadiness all over the world, for individuals to small business entrepreneurs or corporate enterprises, before any type of investment, a thorough study is most vital. Being a retired senior citizen, if you’ve a thought for investing a portion of your retirement benefits in some money spinning public bond or in share, always be careful and it’s the best choice to take suggestion of experienced portfolio managers to find suitability.

David Barcomb is the Chief Advisor and MD of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Inc, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Aside from searching him in your internet, if you simply study a few investment/money management related magazines, finding David’s name is obvious. No surprise, when it comes to money management, investment or estate planning matters, the name of David Barcomb has become spontaneous. Following are the specialization areas where Merrill Group people as well as David can help you.

  • Portfolio management related services for individuals/ groups/ community
  • Portfolio management services for big business houses and financial institutes
  • Portfolio management services for professionals/ small business personals
  • Estate planning for elderly, senior citizen or corporate bodies
  • Asset/ Wealth Management Services
  • Pension related consultancy and solutions

Mind, the group is one of the top leading asset management companies and the largest corporate wealth management enterprise in terms of its AUM holding worth of $571 billion. Backed by 900,000 top satisfied clients, broad asset management options supported with custom made solutions, in no way, an alternative agency can assist you better than Merrill Group.

The specialty of this firm is its customized solutions that help clients get advisory; based upon their expectation, resources and status. With over 20 years long experience in the asset management industry, David is just not a weathered portfolio manager but the way he thinks, he studies or analyzes that make difference. When it comes to investment, for retired individuals, high profile corporate enterprises or banks; everyone’s first choice is the suggestions of David Barcomb.

Therefore, whether you think of investment, estate planning or asset management matters just dial Merrill Group, take an appointment. Get all your papers ready and sit with those expert professionals to attain best return of your investment. For estate planning carry all the necessary documents. Mind, the core group of Merrill is led by David and whatever the client’s status or need he personally looks after every case to make sure that every solution provided by the group strikes its objective.

Before joining Merrill Lynch Group, David acted as the Senior VP of another major asset management company USB Global Wealth Management house. Prior to that, he was associated with Smith Barney. The Trinity University Graduate David has spend over 20 years in asset management which has reinforced his thinking ability, vision and understanding level concerning the market conditions and clients need.

These are the basic two things that he continuously research in order to offer all time best services to his valued clients. When not in business, David likes involving him in philanthropic services. David Barcomb is the most respected member of the non-profit society South Shore Hospital Foundation located in Southern MA.