There are specific animals that are famous for the type of jobs that they do such as Geico gecko. Sports enthusiasts can easily recognize These well known advertising animals. They are live animal sports team mascots and are loved and appreciated by people across the nation. Sports teams mascots normally travel with the team along with players, coaching staff and cheerleaders. There are quite a few college teams that utilize animals as their sports team mascots. Dogs, bears and a host of other animals represent their teams, boosting their morale when the chips are down.

As for working animals, having the opportunity to be a sports team mascot is often a god sent opportunity. They have trainers and caretakers who are responsible for their health and nutrition as well as exercise. Their travel arrangements are also taken into consideration. Special attention is paid to the mascots since they are live animals. They are given the due respect, love and affection by all the people involved.

The main reason for choosing a mascot is to represent the spirit of the team that they represent. The bulldog Uga for example, always comes up with an impressive show at games, trying his best to ‘’get’’ an opponent player. Live college mascots are a major source of entertainment for college teams and are chosen after a great deal of scrutiny.They even receive fan mail and their pictures are also pasted on some promotional items. Live animal mascots share a special relationship with the stars of their team and their fans.

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that these mascots not only walk around the sports arena like normal mascots do. They perform stunts and dancing steps. Their performance to a great extent depends on the flexibility and weight of the costume. To make swift body movements, the costume should be light weight and made from sturdy material for deflection. The strength of the material is a must as the mascot uses only a single costume throughout the year.

If the material has high durability, then alterations may be made periodically as per measurements of new bearers. The flexibility of the fabric, on the other hand, plays a major role in functionality since the mascot can easily move. Therefore, fabric quality and strength of the material are major factors that should be considered while buying a mascot costume.

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