A funeral is a hugely difficult time, but it can be made more bearable with the ability to choose the personal touches and special themes that mean so much to your family and the deceased’s loved ones. This adds meaning and helps to make the funeral itself feel easier to handle. At Greenfield Coffins, our team of experts understand the pressures involved and can help make everything as easy as possible. One thing that customers are usually very interested in is the range of customised wooden coffins available.

Why choose Customised Wooden Coffins?

These products are perfect for a modern funeral that has a personalised feel. They are eco-friendly and made from sustainable wood. They’re finished in a high-quality pictorial design that provides the perfect tribute to the memory of your loved one. In addition to wooden designed coffins, there are also cardboard options. All of these coffins are cost-effective, especially when compared to traditional wooden coffins. Many customers also comment that designed wooden and cardboard coffins also feel much more “friendly” and approachable than the more traditional dark wood coffins, and this can be very important, especially for families where children are involved.

How the Process Works

The design that you choose is printed onto the wooden surface directly using a tried and tested wrapping technique that uses a print vinyl or paper finish. There is a design team on hand to discuss any preferences you may have when it comes to images, and the graphic designers work hard to create the perfect tribute using images related to any topic you want. If you are struggling to find the right inspiration, the design team can help and show you lots of beautiful and popular images that other customers like.

Ideas and Inspiration

Your input is very much welcomed; the teams are on hand to produce the perfect designed wooden coffin that suits your needs and wishes. Some of the themes and designs that are very popular include nature scenes such as woodland and seascapes. Floral fields and meadows are also commonly chosen, as are images of the night sky and underwater themes. Animals are much loved, especially pets, and many customers also want to have images of characters, cartoons or sports club logos that meant a great deal to their loved one. We will liaise with the brand holder to get permission in this instance, and we find that they are usually very helpful and understanding when it comes to such requests.

A proof is produced for your review in just 24 hours, and this can be emailed or posted to you. At this point, you can alter the image or approve it. The bespoke coffin is then delivered in just 72 hours, perfectly presented.