A sherwani is by far the most popular traditional Indian garment for men. It has its origin from Central Asia and it has become the craze of Indian men especially during their weddings. Indian men spend lavishly on a sherwani just to ensure that they have the perfect outfit and look elegant on the wedding day. A sherwani, mens sherwani, wedding sherwani or any sherwani is best when its custom made for someone as compared to when it is bought in a ready-made size. The reason for this is that the garment must be fitting for it to look elegant and good and therefore custom made ones bring out the perfect look because the sherwani will fit the individual perfectly. This garment is very classy and elegant and no wonder it has gained great popularity in India and other Asian countries. Almost all Indian men wear this garment on the wedding day because its elegance fits the occasion. There are different styles of wearing the garment and they are discussed below.sherwani

  • Jacket sherwani

This type of sherwani is a three piece which includes a sherwani itself, churidar pajama and a jacket. This type of sherwani is mostly considered in regions with cold weather to keep the groom warm. A combination of these there pieces blend well together and the mixture of the colors give the groom a royal look that is perfect for a wedding occasion. Care must be taken to ensure that they don’t then the overall look of the sherwani will be spoilt.  The sherwani jackets are of different types as well. There are jackets that are modern and designer, jackets that are traditional and jackets that are casual. Regardless of the type of jacket you chose, it is important to ensure that it is fitting.

  • Achkan

This is a type of sherwani that is made of finer and lighter fabric that does not have a line. It has only a single pocket on the left side as compared to a typical sherwani that has double pockets. This is by far the most popular style of the sherwani, mens sherwani, wedding sherwani and any other sherwani. Its popularity stems from its comfort that is made possible by the fabrics used to make it. It has long sleeves and therefore t looks like a coat which is very good for a wedding occasion.

  • Mughal Era Sherwani

This sherwani style is unique since it has the upper part fitting well while the lower part of the sherwani stays loose like a frock. It reaches the knee and therefore very comfortable for the groom.

  • Angrakha

This is another popular type of sherwani and it is the longest of all sherwanis. Its design is also different but very comfortable since it is fitting on the upper part and loose at the bottom to allow room for walking easily and comfortably. This type of sherwani, mens sherwani, wedding sherwani or any other sherwani has been heavily embroidered with zari and zardosi and given a perfect finishing using beads and threads.