Summary– QuickBooks is a need for every organization in today’s scenario. Upgrading QuickBooks software makes your accounting software more robust and reliable. That’s the only reason most of the organizations coming forward to upgrading their QuickBooks accounting software to QuickBooks Pro 2015 and QuickBooks Premier 2016. Know more about the advantages between both the versions in below given article.

QuickBooks Premier 2016 is a reliable and most desired accounting software that allows  organizations to manage necessary financial tasks like creating invoices, paying bills, contributions, producing reports, and tracking expenses, and payments. It can be installed as a general business as one of five industry-exclusive editions, including a nonprofit edition.

This contribution offers one user license for QuickBooks Premier 2016. Up to five users can work with the organization’s data at the same time, over a network. Each user must have both a separate installation and a user license of the same edition and version of QuickBooks. Companies that need more than one license can ask for the three-user version through TechSoup or purchase licenses directly from Intuit. If you face any kind of issues related to QuickBooks Premier 2016, then you can simply call on Quickbooks Enterprise Support to get your issues resolved.

Compare QuickBooks Premier 2016 vs QuickBooks Pro 2015

Benefits for Companies

If you install QuickBooks Premier as the Nonprofit Edition, you can access custom features to

  • You can create a chart of accounts that categorizes and views expenses.
  • One can simply draft reports that show how much money has been spent.
  • You can plan for budgets based on fundraising and expenses.
  • One can use business analysis and planning tools, such as the Statement of Financial Expense & Income.
  • You can organize vendor, tax, employee, donor, and general company information.

Major Capabilities

Email integration: You can send estimates and invoices from Outlook or Outlook Express or from a Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook account.

Data import: QuickBooks can import data from Quicken, Excel, Office Accounting, and other installations of QuickBooks 2015.

File attachments: it allows you to attach receipts, estimates, and other documents.

Calendar View: You can view your invoices, billing, past transactions, and important tasks as a calendar view.


QuickBooks includes 12 months of free support from Intuit for issues related to installing or downloading of the software. In any kind of difficulty you can simply contact on Quickbooks Customer Service Phone Number and get your issues fixed immediately.

QuickBooks 2015 brings more functionality and allows you to get more benefits. There are some latest  features or simply improvements.

Add Insights into your business – This has been a widespread feature in QuickBooks Online. This dashboard is a tab on your home page and lets you swiftly see how your business is doing.

Track Expenses and Income better- If you are aware about Income Tracker, then you will certainly like the Income and Expense Tracker.

Alerts for billable time and expenses – Now you can easily see billable time and expenses you need to invoice – you have an indicator for billable expenses.

Become a more user friendly with 3 improvements:

  1. It has become simpler with the addition of a search box and filters are now alphabetical.
  2. Horizontal lines and background shading makes it easier to read large reports.
  3. You can now simply make comments right on the report.