Have you heard? What? That the astonishing model of HTC, HTC One M10 is releasing soon. In fact HTC has made a name in the world of Smartphone all over the world, due to its amusing features and gorgeous looks. People eagerly wait for its new release. People have started surfing to know more and more about it. We know that you also want to find about this fabulous handset and that’s why are there on this page. May be your quest has ended here, as only here you would be able to draw out the most dependable information.

Our aim is to find out the degree of truth in the internet rumuors and speculations revolving around this wonderful handset. As per news it would be released in the first half of 2016, probably in March. Thus, you may not have to wait too long to see it. It is also in the air that HTC One M10 might not be called by this name. The new name could be HTC Two. People are saying to introduce a new name for this model, in order to avoid its comparison with the poor performance of HTC One M9. Now the question arises is that what would be its cost? No data in this respect is available till now. We can ascertain it on the basis of the study of observing the prices of the previous models. 550 pound was the cost of HTC One M8 and 575 was the cost of HTC one M9, so it can be nearly 610 pound; if it is the HTC flagship model. In case HTC is introducing complete change it might shoot up.

The HTC chairperson, said sorry for the disappointing performance of HTC One M10. She said that the company is planning to make an astonishing handset which would be incredible. So, a speedy processor, an awesome camera, superb battery is on cards in this handset. It was found that the problems in Snapdragon 810 has led to the failure of HTC One M9, so be ready to experience a matchless processor, Snapdragon 820 in this handset. It would surely have a dazzling appearance in metallic unibody of aluminum which would be probably waterproof. Some issues with microSd were resolved in the previous model, now it may also have on-board storage.

The superb memory 4 GB RAM with internal storage with options of 64GB and 128 GB is also quite possible. Be ready for a long battery life with its 3500mAh battery. Certainly its twin camera of 27Mp main and 5Mp front would ensure unbelievable clicking experience. The standard screen size of 5in can be there; but it is indicated through a Chinese report that 6in screen size, 2560×1440 displays and QHD resolutions is on cards in this handset.

So are you ready to embrace this astonishing handset, HTC One M10. We would be bringing more information and updates for our readers. Keep visiting us.