If your company is steadily growing, and the number of clients increases from day to day, you need an efficient business solution for handling customer communication and transactions. BPM CRM software allows for organizing and controlling business processes and interaction with customers.

What is BPM CRM?

Bpm’online vendors offer the whole gamut of CRM (customer relation management) solutions that come as a part of business process management software. Such programs analyze customers’ peculiarities and behavior, help increase sales and suggest ways for improving organization’s performance, its products and services. Therefore, CRM is aimed at increasing sales volumes through providing consistent level of service and performing marketing campaigns.

CRM Functions and Processes

BPM CRM provides an integrated platform for ruling all business processes from the start to the end. As any BPM system, customer relationships management tools perform a wide range of tasks including:

  1. Development and marketing. Find out what your potential customers want, and draw custom with the help of advertisements, bulk emails, special offers, etc.
  2. Control leads. Analyze customers’ reaction, and figure out which marketing methods work better for your company.
  3. Manage sales. BPM CRM will trace all transactions made, gather client info and process it to ensure the best user experience and make your company more successful.
  4. Work with orders. Thanks to BPM tools, you will be able to manage minor and large-scale sales and contracts with private and corporate clients.
  5. Provide excellent service. Keeping in touch with your customers has never been so easy. Respond to people using all available means of communication.

With instruments provided by https://www.bpmonline.com, you will be able to ensure top-notch service for every single client without extra efforts and expenses.

BPM + CRM software

 Advantages of CRM

Customers of bpm’online have already evaluated numerous benefits of BPM software:

  • This is a versatile instrument that deals with tens of various business processes. Thanks to that, you can save on workforce and have digital assistance around the clock.
  • CRM software is a cost-effective solution: it replaces many other programs and can perform a lot of employees’ functions.
  • CRM software is characterized by high reliability and redundancy.
  • Program interfaces are convenient and intuitive: users will quickly understand what is what. Besides, CRM software can be employed on any device: PC, tablet, smartphone. Give users an opportunity to access necessary functions and information anywhere, anytime!

BPM CRM optimizes workflow and communication with customers, performing hundreds of tasks and processing a large amount of information. Today, this is the most optimal solution for businesses with relatively large traffic of customers and transactions, no matter what industry they specialize in.

Who needs BPM CRM?

Not able to deal with growing amount of customers? Trying to systemize and store personal data and contacts? Want to improve the quality of service? Then your organization is in dire need of a BPM tool. Such software will:

  • Optimize communication between employees and with clients.
  • Track all transactions performed, gather and store customer information.
  • Help you manage projects and partnerships.

Where can I get CRM software?

Bpm’online offers a great choice of BPM CRM products for middle-size businesses. These products are versatile, and can be used on various devices regardless of their platform. Whatever the needs and demands of your organization are, bpm’online is ready to figure out a business process management solution that will suit your company best.

Bpm’online collaborates with many similar enterprises over the world. For example, if you need BPM in Singapore, we are ready to provide you with solutions from Vertexle.

Have any questions? Join the bpm’online community, and get replies from the support team and other bpm’online users. We hope you will like the software!

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