It’s early in the morning and you are seated ready with a laptop, a notebook, and a cup of coffee ready to start on that project that you have postponed for a whole week. Suddenly, you realize that ideas just won’t stream because the region of your mind that is supposed to synthesize new ideas has gone blank. Does this scenario sound familiar? Well, this is a condition that every writer knows very well and it’s called mind blockage Any content writing is not an easy task. Here are some few strategies to defeat this irritating monster.

1. Have a Plan

If you want to make a downhill task of any writing project, then you need to have a plan. Unless of course, you are planning to fail. The mind hates surprises. Especially surprises that force it to think when it would rather sleep or get stimulated by an entertaining game. However, if you give it enough time to meditate on an upcoming task it can be the best servant you will ever have. Make a point of planning for your projects early.

2. Be Prepared

Most writing projects will require you to at least gather some research. Do not be lazy on this or your will end up scratching your head and chewing on your pen for hours. If you have a good background of the topic you are writing about, you will realize that ideas will flow continuously from your mind. However, do not force the mind to synthesize ideas in a field that it knows very little about. The mind will simply shut down on you.

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3. Consider the Environment

Like I said earlier, the mind would rather engage in things that stimulate it rather than ones that are draining. Therefore, if you choose to write an essay in a room full of friends who are having fun, then you are in for the worst. You will constantly find yourself distracted. Choose a quite environment.

4. Look for Inspiration

If your mind is playing tricks on you, then it’s time to unleash your arsenal of tricks. Any writer will tell you that there is a specific activity or location that sedates the mind to think along a given line. In addition, scientists are of the consensus that nature with its calming effects can stimulate the mind to synthesize ideas. In this case, you need to discover on your own what works for you.

5. Stay Healthy

If your body is ill, then the mind won’t serve you as it should. This means that you should always eat healthily and keep fit. Furthermore, the best way to get rid of mental stress is to exercise. You can jog, swim, or engage in any physical activity that relaxes the mind.

The next time you sit down to write and you realize that you constantly want to get a coffee refill, you know the remedy. Writing is an art. This is because you always have many ways to express your ideas, but then you have to choose the best. Follow these guidelines and you might just be next Mark Twain of this age.

Vlasislav Kogan from Australia ia a travel blogger who also does any content writing.