Electromagnetic waves are everywhere. From your home appliances to your cell phone, you can’t see these waves, but they have can affect you and your body. Whenever your cell phone is turned on, whether you are using it or not, it is emitting powerful electromagnetic radiation. Due to this growing concern, there are many ways you can shield yourself from this radiation.

Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields in Cell Phones

Did you know that when you put your cell phone to your ear to make a call or answer a call, electromagnetic radiation can penetrate into your brain. For children, the risk is higher because the radiation is known to penetrate deeper into their brains, leaving them more vulnerable for health problems.

Shielding Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation - What You Need To Know

With exposure to electromagnetic radiation, you might find an increase in headaches, fatigue and eye problems. More serious health risks caused by electromagnetic fields can include a damaged immune system, brain tumors and other types of cancer, memory loss, and major changes in brain activity.

When carry a cell phone in your pocket, men are more at risk for a lower sperm count or less sperm motility. For women who carry their cell phone near their breast, they could be at a higher risk for breast cancer. When sleeping next to your cell phone, your sleep can be effected and it can affect your learning and memory.

Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding

Shielding yourself from electromagnetic radiation can be difficult, especially when you use your cell phone often. In today’s society we depend on our cell phones more than ever. However, several ways to protect yourself is by turning your phone off when you aren’t using it. If you need to leave your phone on at night, put it across the room and not right next to you.

When you do use your cell phone, do not put it to your ear right away when dialing or answering because the frequency is much stronger. You should also limit your cell phone use while driving or while in a park car. At these times you may experience stronger electromagnetic radiation.

Other ways to manage electromagnetic radiation shielding is through radiation shielding devices. These devices can attach to your cell phone and block most of the waves from penetrating through your body. These devices have been found to be very effective; however, you want to ensure that you get a device that has proven to be successful.

By being mindful of your cell phone usage, and even purchasing a radiation shielding device, you might be benefiting your health and preventing headaches, fatigue and other risks associated with electromagnetic radiation from cell phones.


Many studies have proven that the EMF emitted by cell phones can be hazardous to your health. Exposure to these waves can cause minimal and severe health problems. That is why electromagnetic radiation shielding is crucial to your health. If you are a regular cell phone user, like most people, you could be at risk, which is why you should be mindful of how to reduce these risks.