Apple created a subsidiary company with a plan to sell the excess energy generated by its green renewable energy plants. In May 2016, Apple Energy LLC was incorporated in Delaware. On June 6, 2016, Apple Energy LLC filed a request with the Federal EnergyRegulatory Commission (FERC) to sell its excess power on the wholesale market.

Apple’s Electricity

Apple, as a company, has had a commitment to use green renewable energy sources to power its operations, and over the years, it has gained some expertise in green energy production. A report from 2013 showed the Apple data centers began consuming more electricity than any part of their operations. Apple made plans to power these data centers and all company operations one hundred percent by Apple’s energy sources and sell the excess energy.

The Apple Energy LLC headquarters is located in Cupertino, CA, where Apple invested in an 850-million dollar solar farm last year. Apple has also built three solar farms in North Carolina, one in Nevada, and two micro-hydro systems in Oregon. Apple runs its data centers in the US, which used a reported 455-million kilowatt hours of energy consumption in 2015, all powered from Apple’s own green renewable electricity generation. Apple has now created a company to sell the excess energy.

Apple’s Request to Sell

Apple filed documents with FERC seeking permission to sell its excess energy at wholesale prices from the solar energy and the hydroelectric facilities. Apple informed the FERC that it meets the legal requirements to sell energy and is seeking to do so at the market rates. The plan is for Apple to begin selling its energy within 60 days of the filing with the FERC.

How this works is an energy company that is not producing sufficient amounts of energy to be a major contributor in the energy market, such as Apple Energy LLC, will not influence energy prices. The company can request a license to sell energy on the wholesale market at wholesale rates instead of rates established by energy regulators, which is where the big businesses sell their energy. This move will help Apple pay for the energy it generates more economical for the company as it sells off the excess.

Not unlike other businesses, the move by Apple to sell its excessive electricity is not unique. Google is one example; it sells its clean energy to help recoup its costs and applies the renewable energy credits to purchase grid-energy to power its data centers. This does not mean Apple will sell directly to consumers…at least not yet.

The Future of Apple Energy

CNBC and 9to5Mac report that Apple has plans to sell its green renewable to homeowner’s energy across the US in the future. Apple reportedly did not respond to these claims. These sources also report Apple has an electric car project in the works, along with charging stations across the US (2, 3). These projects were not confirmed by Apple, but we could see more from Apple Energy LLC in the future of green renewable energy.

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