Turnstile rental or purchase is available for those locations that require advanced security features and a platform that delivers remote and convenient access and operation for any number of doors.

A turnstile is a form of gate that will permit one person at a time to pass through. It can enforce traffic to be one way, and it can restrict passage only to authorized people or those who insert a pass, a coin, a ticket, or a token. A turnstile can be utilized for paid access or for a restriction of access to only authorized people.

A few EXAMPLES of types of turnstiles include:

Executive Series Optical Turnstiles

Controlled Access High Security Turnstiles

Stadium Series Turnstiles

Optical Barrier Turnstiles with ADA Gate or ADA Card Reader Pedestals or Special Needs Gates or Swing Gates
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities.

Unique Turnstiles and Access Control Systems

Revolving Doors, Man Traps, and much more

Three detailed examples of available turnstiles are these:

Single Brute Series Package
Entry/Exit  Waist High Turnstile
Entry/Exit ADA Gate
Two Push Buttons with a Surface Box
Wiring Kit

Single High Security Series Package
Entry/Exit High Security Turnstile
Entry/Exit ADA Gate
Two Card Readers
Two Push Buttons with Surface Box
Wiring Kit

Full Height Industrial Turnstile
Provides a High Level of Perimeter Security
Three arm and four arm
Interior and exterior installations
5 year guarantee


A team of engineers can travel wherever necessary to perform installations. If you want to install the system yourself, detailed AutoCAD Schematics will be provided.

Outstanding Service

Included might be Remote Desktop regarding set-up and training on how to use the turnstile.  Also, one year of unlimited scheduled Remote Desktop Sessions are available when you hire a new employee and want training or you desire to change programming. At the end of the year, you will be upgraded at no cost to a new version of the software, if one is available.

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