Phenibut is a fitness product which works as an anti anxiety medication or anxiolytic. It is actually an over the counter fitness product. It helps the users in enhancing their brain function. It has positive effects on brain chemistry and provides relief in anxiety but also increase motivation and improve cognitive abilities. Many users are going for this fitness product to get relieve from anxiety and stress, enhance sleep and well being. In this article you would come to know about the phenibut and benzodiazepine.

Make sure you are following the recommended dosage level of the product before going for it. To avoid the side effects, you need to focus on it more. The highly recommended dosage is 500mg to 1500mg and every user is different. The effects of this product would be different from one person to another. It can be divided up and taken 2-3 times a day.

All About Phenibut vs. Benzodiazepine

For the new users, the phenibut recommended dose is 250mg to 750mg per day and it’s depending on the user choice to take. There would be some mild side effects such as lethargy, tiredness, dizziness and gastrointestinal issues. Benzodiazepine has similar effects like phenibut product and both are related to each other.

The reported side effects of withdrawal, when users stops using phenibut which include negative thoughts, lethargy, nervousness and increased irritability. It would be better for the user to go slowly at the time of taking dose and never go fast to get the results rapidly. Otherwise, you would be getting the side effects for sure.

Users with health problems should consult a doctor first before using it. Your doctor would check your health condition and advice you to use the product or not. He would also suggest you to dosage level which you can prefer if you really want to use it. Make sure you are not combining Phenibut and benzo otherwise it wouldn’t be good for your health. You should avoid it at any cost so that no serious fatal side occur.

Several users have noticed the effectiveness of the fitness product in reducing treating social anxiety, treating depression, lowering social inhibitions, helping them to enjoy and relax easily without any problem. Some users are taking it in the evening whereas some take it late in the afternoon to help them sleep longer and easier. Some users review proved that it promotes lucid dreaming. It does not cause as much drowsiness or lethargy to the users.

Many users are taking phenibut in place of alcohol because it affects them in the same way as alcohol. It has a number of benefits and effects similar to any other product. It can help in increasing learning, improving memory, sharpen focus, lengthen attention span, boost concentration and decision making ability. Any user facing trouble with cognitive or memory difficulties find phenibut effective for the best possible results.

These two products can be given by doctors to handle a number of conditions related to depression and anxiety. It is a safe product if you are taking it as per your doctor advices.