Yes! We love music, like to hear the music of our favorite music composer all the day. The headphones are now becoming more essential for people everywhere, people like to listen their own kind of music without disturbing others. It’s well thought to use headphones instead of listening to large speakers, but if you listen to music more than normal in the headphones you will have to face the consequences. There is a bad side of the using headphones continuously which can cause you into serious trouble, you may the capacity of hearing permanently.

MP3 player, iPods, DJ headset, Mobiles and music players, most valuable gadgets come with headphone compatibility, these produce some fantastic music beats and rhythms there is no doubt in it absolutely but when it comes to usage we need to control ourselves. There are certain limitation, we need to put on ourselves, other we end up in losing the hearing capacity. The effects of listening continuously to music using headsets

, these headsets can cause headaches, ear pains and some other troubles in your ears.

In a recent study the analysis revealed that these sound systems can affect your personal life and social life along with health. These potentially harmful, they can cause permanent lost of hearing if you don’t use it properly. People who are in travel are major users of headsets, due longer listening periods the headset can cause pain, feeling inside their ears, which is due to the pressure they apply while inserting their ear buds. This can be painful after you remove the ear buds after a long period of listening to music. This can also cause headache, itching effect in your ears.

Heaviest Bass sounds can cause a reduction in your hearing capacity, the beats makes you feel some weird way after removing the headset also. For those exchange the ear phones regularly with colleagues need be careful other you will end up in getting ear infections. The ear requires a good amount of air flow into the main area in the ears, otherwise the liquid form of wax will cause infections in the ears. The sounding feeling of the headphone can result affecting the capacity of thinking. The electromagnetic waves come from the sound beats can very near to your brain, this can harm the functioning of the brain. The inner ear can seriously affect by these strong electromagnetic sound waves, if you use the louder musical songs or music singles, then there are higher chances of losing your hearing permanently.