Even with the use of a daily pregnancy calendaryou will not be aware of all the movements of the baby. In fact some of them may not be that long  or strong enough to be felt as well. But if the baby goes on to move their whole body or their limbs for more than 7 seconds then you can feel the movements of the body. One more reason on why the movement of the baby is not being felt is if the spine of the baby is in front of the bump. This is the same situation if it is in the front or situated in the placenta. The point is that each and every pregnancy is different, so it is hard to figure out how you will feel but a rough estimate of things could be provided

A Weekly Guide About The Movements Of A Baby?

16 to 19 week

Fluttery and faint changes in the tummy region could be witnessed around week 18. If it happens to be your first pregnancy then it is going to take a little bit longer to feel the pregnancy sensations and in this regard a kick counter wristband would be of considerable help. If this is your second pregnancy, then the kicks could be felt as early as 16th week.

20 to 23 weeks

Repetitive jerking movements or gentle kicks could be witnessed and this happens when the baby is prone to hiccups. As the stage of pregnancy progresses, the activity of the baby is going to increase and become much stronger as well. The baby is going to become active more with the passage of time and before meals the movement time increases considerably. It is then you will understand the movement patterns of the baby.

24 to 28 weeks

In the amniotic sac there is around 750 ml of fluid. What it means that a lot of space is being provided for the baby so that they can move in a free manner. Frequent moments can be felt and you take note of the fact that the baby tends to be very active. The movements of limb could be a tinge punchy, but the overall movements of the body can be a bit soother. They could pretty well jump and make strange noises.

29 to 31 weeks

The baby is expected to make smaller, definite and sharper movements. This is could be in the form of strong pushes or kicks. As time progresses you will find that they are fighting for spaces due to a cramped uterus.

32 to 35 weeks

This works out to be the most exciting time, for the mother as the movements of the baby are expected to be at their peak. Since the space is limited and the baby has to move, there is a distinct change in the pattern of movements at the same time. It is going to become a lot slower or strained due to less space in the uterus. They are going to be more powerful in the days to come.