As programmers, we have every right to think of ourselves as being special. We look at ourselves as creators, building a magnificent product from scratch while keeping up to date with technology that changes so rapidly. But every once in a while we may feel unappreciated. And adding to our woes would be project managersfrom hell, who are just born to make our lives miserable. These according to us are the top reasons why you as a developer would quit your job and get started with PMP Training in Bangalore.

A Developer Quits His Job When A Project Manager Says This To Him

  1. When your project manager asks you for the status….every 15 minutes—The schedule is tight and the product needs to be delivered in 48 hours. But having someone constantly ask you by when you can complete a particular task will just make you miserable and less efficient.
  2. When your project manager challenges your technical competence—A technically competent PM can be an asset but having a PM who challenges your every decision without understanding the logic behind it can be quite frustrating. But this classroomtraining will help you fix this thing.
  3. When your project manager does not offer explanations—Ifyour project manager reminds you of your school teacher when he/she says, “Just do what you are told”, then maybe its time to quit. You deserve to know what you are doing and why you are doing it as this will only enhance your productivity.
  4. When your project manager hogs the limelight—Everybody wants their 2 seconds of fame and if you deserve it, you gotta have it. If your project manager insists on taking kudos for the work you have done, then it’s a sure time to quit.
  5. When your project manager says, “You have to work with what you have”—Being limited by resources, technology or budgets can be hugely detrimental to your skill as a programmer. If you feel stagnated, its time to quit your job.

While being stuck in a dull, dead-end job can cause frustrations, remember that you have the right skills to succeed. Developers must continue to challenge themselves and enrol for Certified Scrum Master Certification in Chennai. Having the right mentor in the right company will help you blossom and reach new heights.