Eye exercises that help to reduce your need for glasses and contacts, Regular exercise in order to keep an eye healthy, A good part of a day spent in front of computer or mobile phone, And in the evening relax in front of the TV screen. All these habits came to be part of your daily routine, while leading to vision problems. Learn some simple tricks that you can take better care of your eyes!

Mild Exercises to Relax the Eyes

Try the following trick to reduce eye fatigue and overtraining symptoms. Rub hands apart until the feeling of warmth, Then put them on your eyes without causing pressure, and not penetrate into the light.

Keep your eyes closed a few minutes, During which time they can relax. Another exercise that helps relax your eyes: for a few seconds Focus on an object that is far away (about a meter and a half), then focuses your eyes on an object that is close to you. You can try this exercise or whenever you little time.

Flashing whenever you Feel the need

Blinking is the easiest and most effective way to prevent eye fatigue, but also keen to keep order. Studies in the field have shown that people who use a computer constantly tend to blink less, which causes eye fatigue, and other vision problems.

To prevent all these troubles, Experts recommend that people, Especially those who use computers, they need to blinking at a 3 -4 second interval it’s a sign of a relaxed and friendly listener. Try to blink frequently, even when you are focused on watching TV or working on your computer.

Get some Sleep

You can go for long periods of time without enough sleep, you feel tired and head-achy may have noticed. Also, you may notice that your vision is blurry, And it almost hurts to keep your eyes open. Sleep is a daily important part of our life for bodily functions, Getting enough rest and sleep aid in the development of vision from the eye muscles to relax completely, allowing overworked.

Breaks Vision Benefits

The risk of vision problems is greater as people who work for 7-8 hours a day at the computer does not typically take breaks.

Therefore, experts recommend a break for a few seconds every hour. For 5-10 second person can focus look elsewhere than the computer screen. This technique helps prevent eye fatigue, but also helps improve focus distant objects.

Water refreshes tired Eyes

Water is the simplest and cheapest solution that you can call to relieve tension and fatigue sensation in the eye. In such times, Go to the bathroom and wash your eyes with cold water.

This trick is helpful both for tired eyes, And in case of irritation which is manifested by itching or burning.

For greater flexibility Eye

To increase the flexibility of your eye suggests the following exercise: Put your thumb about 10 inches in front of you and focus on it. Draw with your eyes a contour figure 3-4 times, Try to close the eyes and more figure you.