In the modern age the omnipresent video hosting services are websites, it is actually a place where you can expression in addition to share your thinking. There are thousands of webs like YouTube as well as Youku which offer the facility to upload your videos free. Some prominent websites have been given below.


1.  Youku:

( Youku is surely a good one among the most upcoming in addition to competitive webs by China that aim at video hosting services. Youku offers you with the option to upload video free and watch videos also about dissimilar happenings plus events. The versatility plus vastness of video on Youku site turning it acceptable to the user among other websites.

2. Vimeo:

( Vimeo is one more US based web which goals at video-hosting. You may find it having approximately the same characteristics as other video hosting websites including YouTube and Dailymotion. It is a great web platform to share, upload and view videos of about all kinds. The web supports all major video formats such as MPG, WMV, AVI in addition to MP4.

3. Sevenload:

( Sevenload is called as among topmost video sharing webs. With the assist of this web platform, you may upload plus share videos for watching to other users. On the base of its option to up-load media content free, Sevenload has come out as a successful video sharing platform on the website.

4. Viddler:

( Viddler offers you with huge opportunity to up-load home videos plus important videos that might be entertaining plus research based too. The supported formats of video are the ones that you mostly utilize for videos such as 3GP, MKV, M1V MOV, and many others. In the new times, Viddler has acknowledged being amid the most up-coming video hosting webs all over the earth.

5. Tudou:

( Tudou website is a user friendly interface and it is an anther Chinese product, intended for those who like to rely on webs like YouTube.  It has much to proffer in terms of permitting you to watch in addition to share videos free.

6. Tinypic:

( Tinypic site is one of those social as well as video sharing avenues websites which have the complete package on online option for uploading videos. You can upload photos and videos easily here. Also users can watch available media content that is uploaded by another user of this platform. Actually Tinypic may be regarded as a good option to webs like Metacafe and YouTube.

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