6 Tips for Creating a Small Business Social Media ProfileMany small businesses today are recognizing the value of social media. Not only is most social media marketing free for small businesses, it can also be easy for any small business to use in order to reach current and new customers.

However, creating a good social media presence for a small business is not always easy. Small businesses need to know how to make a profile and maintain a profile that their customers will want to use and that will attract new customers. Here are six tips for creating a small business social media profile.

Work with the best tools

There are a lot of tools that a small business can use to create great social media profiles. Before spending a lot of money on customized sites, small businesses should start with the basics. Having a fast internet connection from http://frontierinternet.org/ can make all the difference when trying to update a profile page.

Keep a consistent brand on every profile

It is important that customers can recognize a business from their website and storefront to every social media page they have. Maintaining a consistent look throughout all of their online media is the best way to help customers recognize their brand and follow them on every social media site. This consistency also makes setting up a new profile much easier.

Use the correct categories and tags

Every business will have a certain niche that they like to stay within. Small businesses should use their specialties in their social media marketing plans to find the right customers and maintain an accurate profile. For example, a dental office should not have their social media profile in the entertainment category. Tags can be used in social media content to help people looking for the small businesses services or products find them more easily.

Set up profiles on multiple sites

There are a lot of social media sites that small businesses can use to promote themselves. Some businesses like to have a profile on every site, but this can be difficult for a small business to maintain. Small businesses should instead start with the social media site they are most familiar with and then continue to create more profiles on the social media sites their customers use most.

Know how to find customers

Just as customers can use categories and tags to find a business, so can small businesses to find their target audience. Any business can search through tags to find similar businesses and potential customers. This is a great way to learn more about the target audience and build a stronger network.

Schedule in maintenance every week

Once profiles are created, it is equally important for a small business to maintain those profiles and keep them up to date. Letting a profile sit with no activity will cause customers to lose interest. Every small business should update their social media profiles at least once a week to keep people interested and give customers something to look forward too.

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