The big city dream is something that every small town boy or girl has and he wishes to have own home in any big city one day. While many people might have chosen professional courses in college and might have gone, ahead to join that field in their future, many others might simply leave it to fate to decide their destiny. Now when someone goes to a big city or a place like Los Angeles, he may do so for a few reasons. One of the big reasons would be to find a job and settle down.

There are many attractions that the city offers, and the proximity to Hollywood makes ambitious people to come here and settle down. They might wish to make big contributions to the entertainment industry. They might also wish to become big stars and celebrities too. There are shops selling designer clothes and accessories and the fashion industry is running parallel to the entertainment industry here.

Besides LA, a visit to the huge Hollywood sign on the hilltop is surely something that every tourist does on their visit here. The glamorous fashion and sports world is also something that not many people like to miss out. Clay Hutson makes double sure about the date of the game of Los Angeles Lakers, and gets tickets for the game in case he catches it when he visits LA.

This is the case with most of the fans of the Basketball game and of the stars of Lakers who have been shining high with their amazing lineup and excellent tactics.

Kobe Bryant is a famous Laker not just in LA but in the sporting world thanks to his achievements. Even other such players like Jordan Clarkson, and Nick Young are players worth their money.

Besides the game by itself, there are the museums that LA is famous for and these shall make the locals proud. The stores, and malls on one hand, the Walk of Fame of Hollywood, the Universal Studios and every other little thing that makes this city happening is here.

People who want to set up a store in these parts of the West, would surely have Los Angeles on their map. There are all the big shots in the entertainment world here and then there are the celebrities themselves. Catching a big celebrity couple shopping in casual jeans and tee is quite common here.

Clay Hutson is also one of those thousands of those fans of the star-studded entertainment world, who loves to catch his favorite stars on television or in theatre or even in shooting.As everyone knows that as a celebrity, one has to climb up, the ladder of success one by one. He is keen to know of all of the work that goes behind bringing out a commercial, a film, or a documentary or even a short film just so that he appreciates the industry and the stars more.

These stages are very essential for anyone entering the film world in a very clear and transparent manner.