For centuries, ancient cultures in Egypt and Europe have promoted certain gemstones, minerals and resins as benefiters of health and well-being of the people. These were special stones that provided an array of benefits to those who wore them.

Even today, these stones and minerals are revered for the health advantages they offer, other than their ornamental purpose of course.     People use them as part of spiritual practices and restore fields of energy, promote love and gain peace. Some people also use them for healing purposes as they place these stones on certain areas of your body. Other practices include wearing them on hands or neck as necklaces and bracelets.

Let us take a look at the 6 top seven ornamental pieces that lend their healing powers to you.

  1. Pearl

A naturally occurrence of nature, the pearl is found inside of an oyster and exists in many shades, sizes and shapes. Pearls can balance the body functions; bring positivity and happy feelings to the person wearing it. Traditional Asian cures say pearls aid the digestive systems and help those with fertility issues. Pearl powder is also used in make-up to get glowing complexion. Skin problems like rosacea can also be treated with pearl.

  1. Garnet

The deep hues of red in this stone are said to energize the wearer and rid them of lethargy. Wearing garnet boosts your system, revitalizes your body and boosts confidence. As tradition states, it also brings protection from the evil. It is best worn close to the heart.

  1. Amethyst

The gorgeous amethyst is purple in color and is said to bring courage and strength to its wearer. These advantages promote healing and so this is a soothing stone with tranquilizing energy and peaceful properties. It also inspires creativity. Anyone suffering from mood swings, anxiety or addictions should wear amethyst.

  1. Rose Quartz

This pink-colored stone is highly popular with the ladies. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. It is known to address heartaches. Deeply associated with love, this gemstone has a soothing feel to it and has gentle energy calms the agitated wearer. To receive full benefit, a rose quartz should be worn around the neck so it remains close to your heart and heals emotional wounds. The stone also encourages self-love and warmth towards relationships. Those going through a break-up, divorce, loneliness or family estrangement will find this stone helpful.

  1. Baltic Amber

The most revered of them all, Baltic amber occurs in shades of yellows, reds and browns, though different types of ambers exuberate different colors. It is a powerful gemstone with applications for headache treatment, stress alleviation and self expression, among many more. Baltic amber teething necklaces are specially used by concerned mothers who want to reduce their kids’ gum pain and drooling. The pine tree resin also helps treat illnesses and alleviate rashes.

  1. Moonstone

This is an opaque white stone with reflections of rainbow colors. It is said to inculcate more balance, especially in females. Since the old times, wanderers and travelers have been using this gemstone as protective talisman or a charm with protective qualities. Moonstone is known to fight anxiety and insomnia in children as well as the elderly.