Reasons online slots are on the rise

With the indomitable rise in online gaming and online casinos, there is a form of gameplay that has become ever more popular – online slots.

The sheer variety of slot games on offer, coupled with the improved technology and gameplay has meant that their popularity shows no signs of quitting. But what is it that makes online slots so much fun and so addictive for the player?

The variety of slots

The simple premise behind the slot machine is at least part of its appeal. The process of laying a bet and waiting to see whether the reels line up is one of the most iconic forms of fun gambling games available online.

If you want to play video slots, with added immersion and storyline then there are plenty designed around movie, comic and character themes that are great fun. Perhaps you prefer 3D slots or like to select your favourite online slot game based on the kind of jackpot and payout available.

The social aspect

A New Dimension to Social GamingSocial media has become extremely popular, with more than half the population logged into Facebook or Twitter at any one time. This is a huge amount of people, and as social media has improved, so have the social games on offer, and there are lots of slot games out there that offer an added social aspect.

These can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets, or played through a web browser, and add in an extra element of fun to the gameplay.

Another advantage of the social aspect comes in with progressive jackpots. This is where lots of people are essentially contributing to a colossal major jackpot prize fund and they’re all in with the chance of winning it. Games like megamoolah have shown the popularity of this kind of gameplay as it means that, although you’re playing against more people and so your chances to win are fewer, if you do win it would be a jackpot of megabucks!

The ease of gameplay

Certain online casino games require specific skill levels. For example, if you were to go into a game of Texas Hold Em poker having had no practise, you’re unlikely to understand how to play. Although it’s perfectly possible to do this, there are a lot of complicated rules to understand.

The appeal of simpler games like Blackjack, where players have to get as close to the magic number of 21 with cards is clear. Blackjack and online slots just don’t take as much practised skill to play and be in with the chance to win big.

There is no strategy or secret to playing a slot game, but of course the percentage of payoff is a lot lower. It’s a low risk, fun way to spend time gambling online.