Weight Loses in healthy way. Have you become tired from exercises and you still found your weight like earlier than Don’t WORRY! I will tell you a diet chart. But I will must say that whatever you choose just do it with full patience and confidencebecause many women want to lose their much weight in four days or a week, but it’s not a right approach and it will be not good for your body for long term. It is totally true that all calories don’t weigh equally. Every food has its metabolism in your body.I have mentioned some diet plans here for you.

5 Weight Loss Diets To Get Slimmer!

Diet No. 1

Just make your food time accurate and if you feel hungry after eating food then massage your right hand thumb for 10 min (you will not feel hungry).

• Drink 12 glass of water.
• Drink 2 spoons is pagholin a glass of water and it will not only lose your weight but also your skin will glow because of this.
• Walk for half an hour.

Diet No. 2

Take a boiled egg with tea(without sugar) because it has been proved that egg contains much calories Take it early in the morning because it balances any things in your body. *Use as much Black pepper as much in your daily food because study shows that black pepper known as Piper in that fights fat by blocking new fat cells.

Have leafy greens including kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards and a few others. These contain much proteins that will help you fight against fats,so don’t avoid them to use in food.

Diet No. 3

• For Breakfast, only use boil egg with brown bread
• For lunch, just eat bowl of fruits (whatever is available to you) and if you want to take chicken or fish, just have it in steam stuffed with salt and black pepper.
• For dinner, you can continue this and use green tea for tea

Diet No. 4

You can even lose your weight by herbal tea. I am telling you some weight destroyer ingredients which you need to mix in a moderately hot water and just drink this tea after every meal .These ingredients are as follows;

• Two teaspoon ispaghol
• One teaspoon Honey
• Half lemon juice
• One teaspoon apple vinegar
• Three to four leaves mint

This tea will surprisingly your weight you can even put it in fridge

Diet No. 5

• You can use this diet during snack time that I am mentioning you
• A slice of chicken equal to a cube of apple
• A slice of bread
• Low calories one teaspoon mayonnaise
• For addition, you can even add watermelon.

You can take them as snacks and you will feel tremendous loss in your weight.

Using all these weight loss diets will surely help you lose weight and also help you gain energy and freshness.