Nobody can stop aging, it is part of our nature and all the time we are in the aging. That’s why this is an issue for everyone it is of great interest and many are the myths that have been invented on aging.

Here we talk about old age and we teach from the causes of premature aging to some of the foods that rejuvenate more effective.

But to expand our knowledge of this inevitable situation and learn everything you never knew about aging, today we prepared this list of some of the major myths of aging disclosed.

5 Myths About Aging

When you get Older you become Senile

Many people believe that aging one will become senile and that is something almost inevitable, but in reality is not as simple and damning. When you age obviously rid of something or other because of course there is deterioration in cognitive abilities of the brain however, that stereotype of senile old man is long gone.

Various studies suggest that vitamin deficiencies could be affecting many of the symptoms of senility. Maintaining a proper diet, especially in old age can make a difference.

Creams and Moisturizers Rejuvenate the Skin

While we hear all the time skin rejuvenation using moisturizing creams and other products, there is nothing too really re younger cells.

Scientific studies have determined that what actually happens is that these topical products like different serums on the market affect the rate of cell turnover in the epidermis, the upper layers making them look fresher and stretch skin look younger.

The skin does not travel in time by using creams, but it can be better to be properly hydrated, stay healthy with good nutrition and healthier to guard against UV rays.

As you get Older it is Harder to Lose Weight

The myth that as the years pass it becomes increasingly harder to lose those extra kilos, is false. Many elderly people tend to believe this because despite being by dieting as indicated and do everything indicated to lose excess weight, fail to meet its goals.

The truth is that many of these people do not know that most of the drugs that are often prescribed for older adults are associated with weight gain or have this feature among its side effects. In a case like this, it is best to talk to your doctor and together find the best alternative.

Eat as a Teenager

Many people mistakenly believe that the longer feed like they did when they were teenagers, will stay healthier. Perhaps it is one of the biggest myths about nutrition and aging but the truth is that eating habits and nutritional needs of the time in life if you change.

As long as one is a teenager is fed in a way, as an adult from another and when in old age also another. In this case, have the need to eat more or less than at other times of life, it is natural and while food is healthy and proper, do not force strange eating habits unless a medical professional so determines.

In Old Age should be Left Aside the Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity are often left out because there is a misconception to believe that such activities will harm the elderly.

The truth is that few things are as healthy as exercise in old age and any physical activity, whether walking in the park, jogging, swimming or going to the gym, it’s always better to stay at home, especially at this age.