Legal Requirements

The first thing to think about when choosing workwear for industrial settings is whether there are any legal requirements to which you must adhere. The relevant legislation in this case is the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work Regulations 1992, which covers clothing that must be provided to workers in certain situations. You must ensure that items such as boots, eyewear and outer clothing all meet the standard required by law to keep your staff safe.

Potential Hazards

Make sure you carry out a thorough assessment of the workplace when thinking about the ideal workwear. Possible hazards such as fire, extreme temperatures, chemicals, slippery surfaces, heavy equipment and even working on ladders or high platforms should all be considered. Clothing should not only protect the worker in the event of an accident but also not be a contributory factor.

Even if the type of work involved does not require personal protective clothing, it is important to think about what the staff members will be doing during the working day. Are they front of house staff? If so, you will want to choose a smart outfit that showcases the business in the best possible light. Will they be working on site away from your company premises? If so, a uniform bearing the company logo can be a good way to advertise the business to potential new customers.

Climate and Environmental Conditions

If your staff are expected to work outdoors, their clothing should reflect the weather conditions. Consider hot and cold weather options if appropriate, such as short-sleeved breathable fabrics for the hotter months and warmer fleece-lined outerwear for the winter. High visibility (hi-vis) clothing may also be necessary to keep your workers safe in places with poor lighting.

Cost and Durability

Whilst cost should not be the foremost thing on your mind when selecting industrial clothing and workwear, it is an unavoidable fact that budgets exist and resources are limited. Rather than going for the cheapest option, it makes more sense to choose garments made from durable and hardwearing materials. You may spend a little more upfront but there will be cost savings in the long run, as you will not have to replace items of clothing as frequently.

When deciding on the best workwear for your staff, be sure to consider what they do in addition to how and where they do it. Choose workwear that is durable and fit for purpose so that the effects on the people involved are mitigated should an accident happen. Finally, remember that your workers’ appearance is a reflection of your business and make sure they are always dressed to impress!

Summary: Choosing the right industrial clothing is important for many reasons, including the health and safety of the workers and ensuring they can do their jobs effectively. Here we look at five factors you should consider when deciding on the best industrial clothing and workwear in Essex